The Signs That Reveal That You Are a Sleepwalker

If you have noticed lately that you do not sleep normally, it is likely that you are going through an episode of sleepwalking. Discover both the causes and the consequences that can occur if you are a sleepwalker.

What Is Sleepwalking?

It is a sleep disorder in which the person can walk or even perform activities automatically while completely asleep . These types of episodes can last up to 30 minutes, although the vast majority of cases occur at times between 10 minutes. Although they are asleep they can have their eyes open. During the time that the sleepwalker remains up, he can go to the bathroom, talk, eat and even get dressed to go outside .

The normal thing is that after this time, if he has not been disturbed, he returns to the bed from which he got up. Sometimes you can also continue to sleep in a different and even unusual place . When you wake up, you will most likely not remember anything that happened. Also, if the place is not the same as the one you slept in, it can be confusing. They are usually temporary stages and in children it is more common . In adults it can be problematic both because of the cause and because of the effect.

Causes That Can Cause It

In many cases sleepwalking can be hereditary, although there are more factors that can influence. It is usually temporary and, although the exact causes have not been determined, it can occur due to:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Alcohol consumption
  • anxiety _
  • The Depression
  • have OCD
  • certain medications
  • Medical conditions, such as seizures
  • Mental disorders

Signs Of A Sleepwalker

The episodes of this type of sleep disorder are very different in children and adults. In childhood it usually appears at the age of 10 and is somewhat harmless . In a deep phase of sleep they can walk more easily than adults and open their eyes showing expressions of both surprise and admiration. It is common for the next day not to remember what the sleepwalking child has experienced during the night.

An adult, however, does usually have problems with sleepwalking since it usually presents with nightmares and therefore with violent physical actions.. The normal thing is that the next morning you remember the dream you had, these cases being common in desperate situations. In this type of nightmares, help or escapes usually take place, due to extreme causes, which put the person’s life at risk. The adult can suffer physical injuries when getting up abruptly from bed motivated by sleep. Read on to discover the most common signs that occur at night and indicate that you may be sleepwalking .

Confusion And Disorientation On Awakening

The sleepwalker may have been wandering around during the night , changing the place where he or she sat down or lay down again . It can appear in any strange or unusual place, as well as sitting in one’s bed. This can cause the person to feel both confused and disoriented upon waking. It is one of the most obvious signs, since if it is repeated frequently it is because an episode of sleepwalking is going through .

Talk In Deep Sleep

It is common for a sleepwalker to pronounce various phrases during the night, in the most active moments of sleep . These are usually unrelated and meaningless so they cannot be understood . They might even start screaming if they’re going through a nightmare that causes them to panic, while trying to run away in terror. If this happens, they are likely to hit themselves and suffer the physical consequences of sleepwalking.

Eyes Open While Fully Asleep

People with this type of sleep disorder usually open their eyes when they get out of bed regardless of whether they are sleeping. Children may show some emotions, however adults often have a vacant facial expression despite watery eyes

A Sleepwalker Has Difficulty Waking Up

It is one of the most common signs that may indicate that you are a sleepwalker. In addition to having difficulty remembering situations that have taken place during the night, they often have a hard time waking up as they sleep soundly.

Strange Behaviour

During the night the sleepwalker can get up and start performing any mechanical activity . In addition, this type of daily actions can be modified by carrying out other more specific ones that trigger the alarms. Sometimes they can perform bruxism, sleep talk or sexual actions during deep sleep that have been recognized as sexsomnia .

You Can Prevent Sleepwalking

This sleep disturbance is relatively common in children, but just as it appears, it usually disappears. It can be prevented, in any case, by preventing stimuli before going to sleep and following healthy rest habits , in which both defined periods and regular schedules are established. In adults, in addition to establishing adequate rest, it is advisable to practice activities that reduce stress and reduce alcohol consumption . In this way you will reduce the chances of suffering from sleepwalking episodes.

Treatments For The Sleepwalker

It is recommended that after observing strange nocturnal behaviors the person goes to a specialist. Especially if it is an adult who has violent behavior when getting out of bed in a deep sleep with restless nightmares. It is probable that he can disappear with a change of habits . Even so, an expert can prescribe a pharmacological treatment to end the problem, without the need to prolong it over time waiting for it to subside on its own.

For a period of time, the sleepwalker will carry out the actions indicated by the specialist, observing the evolution after the suspension of the treatment. In children, it is not usually necessary to follow any process for the problem to disappear, since it does not usually entail risks and is something temporary that stops manifesting itself with age . What is important is to control it and establish strict sleep schedules to regulate rest periods.

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