winter jackets for women

Best Winter Jackets For Women

winter jackets are of many types but to select the one that best fits our needs, we must also know the materials, features and options we have to get right when buying best winter jacket. Among all the snowboard clothing, the jacket will be the most important. These are some of the best winter jackets for women according to consumers, also buying them online is not an impediment since you can have them at home quickly and return them without costs if you just did not do well.

Fit And Style

There are many brands of jackets for women and each one uses different names to determine their different models and sizes. There are brands that make bigger clothes and others that sizes are usually small and, as in conventional fashion, brands are also constantly evolving. However, best winter jackets for women are usually categorized into three types of fit or standardized style: Slim, Regular and Loose. On the other hand, the size of a winter jacket will be the one we usually use with our winter coats.

Winter Jacket Parts

When We Buy Best Winter Jackets We Must Look At The Following Parts:


Most best winter jackets have a hood, it is a complement that can be very useful for winter, skiing or spending the day in the snow. The hood will be very useful if the weather season are adverse, whether due to rain, snow, or wind. Depending on the day you can get in the way a little, if we tend to be in the winter on sunny days and it bothers us or overwhelms us to always wear a hood, we can opt for a winter jacket with the folding hood (it is stored on the collar of the jacket if it is not needed ) or also for a removable hood, although we will have to watch not to lose it in this case.

Closing The Wrists

To prevent winter from entering through the wrists, the winter jackets have wrist closures. There are basically two types, one simple in the form of a bracelet and others that offer more protection type glove. Most winter boarders can meet their needs with the first. The second makes it difficult to take off and put on the jacket and it can be too much hand protection on sunny days.


All winter jackets for women are designed for the mild temperatures, but a snow jacket is also made for sports so most of them include respirators for which we allow excess body heat to come out and promote air circulation if it is precise. They also always carry a mesh to prevent snow from entering the jacket. Respirators are usually located in the armpit or chest area.


Skirt The waterproof skirt is another essential detail that makes the difference between a jacket perfect for winter sports. This protector that surrounds the waist will prevent the winter from entering through our back, something really annoying, since we can soak our underwear and annoy the day in the snow. This is one of the factors, so it is not always advisable to buy a second-hand best winter jacket for women, since with the passage of time and depending on the use and waist of the former owner, the skirt may have been given if and not will adapt to our waist. There are also removable skirts for those calm days in the winter in which we know that it is a good day and we will not fall.

Fixing system winter jacket – pants

Some jackets have a grip system incorporated with the pants through zippers and other systems, normally subject to the waterproof skirt. An option to consider if we want an extra union between jacket and pants, but it is something that is usually only compatible between items of the same brand.

RECCO System

Many jackets have reflectors incorporated with this rescue system. This system allows radar victims to locate victims in avalanches, and can reach signals 30 meters below the snow. These devices do not require any maintenance. It never hurts that our jacket has incorporated this system that has been in operation for many years and that the vast majority of ski slopes use; but if you are a regular off-piste, the team against avalanches is essential: ARVA .


Like any jacket, one of its basic functionalities is the pockets. It may also be important for best winter jackets for women to keep that in mind. Do we usually snowboard with a backpack? Do we need to carry many things during our hours in the winter? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself before checking how many pockets your jacket has.

Best Winter Jackets For Women And Best brands

Montane Phoenix Jacket

Montane Phoenix Jacket

Among the most outstanding novelties that the Montane house presents for this Autumn-Winter season are the Icarus and Phoenix synthetic feather technical jackets for men and women respectively. They are made with PrimaLoft ThermoPlume technology and Pertex Quantum ECO fabric. That is, exceptional performance in conditions of capricious weather.

PrimaLoft ThermoPlume technology brings lightness and high comfort and warmth to garments. PrimaLoft’s synthetic feather comes with high thermal insulation properties even when the garment is wet. It is super soft and very compressible due to the small micro fibers, which are also the lightest available in the market.

Orolay Women’s Thickened Jacket With Hood

Orolay Women’s Thickened Jacket With Hood

The style of the jacket is decidedly modern, but not so intimidating. The front is paneled and has six large pockets that form a padded design. Its cocoon shape is shorter in the front and longer in the back, with an almost layered appearance. There is a sheepskin lining on the hood, a good seal on the sweat cuffs, as well as side zippers to facilitate mobility

This down jacket has appeared in elegant women from New York City to Seattle and the suburbs of Chicago, and its ubiquity is only increasing. The jacket also comes in five portable colors. Then, at least if you challenge the elements with the same coat as the woman sitting next to you on the commuter train, there is a possibility that your military green will stand out against its black version

Columbia Lay Down Winter Jacket

columbia winter jacket

These down jackets are the best option to counteract icy climates of up to -10ºC, thanks to their insulator with 550 cuins filling and reflective thermal lining. Its elegant design line and soft satin fabric make them perfect for everyday use, while the addition of a two-way front zipper allows the jacket to be ventilated.

As if that were not enough, the hood is removable and has two inside pockets. Without a doubt, it is a high-end accessory that, apart from providing you with an excellent thermal sensation, will look great on you.

The North Face Trevail Hoodie

The North Face Trevail Hoodie

If you are looking for down jackets that have been manufactured to the highest quality standards, and for which you will not spare a high price, this offer may interest you.

This winter jacket retains the caloric sensation due to its 800 cuins goose down padding, it also has a reinforced hood that will act as a barrier against wind and moisture, while the elastic inner cuffs and the adjustable drawstring at the waist They will help you retain more heat inside when you move.

Adidas Outdoor Nuvic

Adidas Outdoor Nuvic

It may surprise, but Adidas also manufactures best winter jackets for women. Oriented towards freestyle and very urban snowboard clothes. An Adidas winter jacket will always have that distinctive design that will spin all eyes in the winterpark. Although it can also be a very good coat for tracks. Something expensive compared to other brands, but of undeniable quality.

Geographical Norway Jacket For Woman

Geographical Norway Jacket For Woman

Perfect jacket for winter, lots of pockets and little details such as being able to remove the hood or being able to adjust the wrists so that nothing gets cold. If you live in an area where it is cold “really” is totally recommended. His only catch? the weight, but it makes up for it with a very nice design. Perfect for cold cities.

A fashion brand in the last year that also offers many different models while maintaining the same quality characteristics.


winter jackets will always be your best winter jackets for women option in that time of cold, either for its elegance or simplicity, they are very attractive and the most used in that type of season, being very resistant and comfortable without losing sight of the latest trends of fashion, these garments thanks to their variety of models are perfect to be able to combine in a very simple way with almost any garment, these garments are well known and used even in times of more quality, this because some designs are more Versatile, these types of jackets are always an important option to have in your closet when that winter season approaches, so it is better to be prepared to look attractive with a perfect model for you from the great variety of winter jackets.


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