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5 Different Styles To Dress Up Your Ripped Jeans

Australia is one of the highly-developed countries in the world, and it ranks as the 14th largest economies and 10th highest per capita income globally. As of June 2020, the country houses 25,734,300 citizens living in different states of the country. Approximately 30% of the resident population were born outside the country.

It is the reason why Australia became a melting pot of cultures from the places of origin of some of the immigrants. Some of their influences are noticeable in the food and the arts prevalent in the country. They also made Australian fashion more exciting since most people in the country wear clothes based on the current trends in the world.

One of the most common fashion pieces that everyone wears is a pair of jeans. These highly versatile items used to be the outfit used by typical workers. But nowadays, everyone wears jeans to express their fashion style. Even celebrities in Australia and different parts of the world wear jeans every day.

A lot of people own a pair of ripped jeans in Australia, and this rugged style can look chic and trendy if paired with key pieces. Here are some of the ways to wear ripped jeans to make you look good while walking the streets in Australia at any time of the day.

Style #1: Ripped Jeans With White Tee 

Nothing can look more casual than the classic pairing of a white aviation t-shirt and denim jeans. However, you can make it look even better by donning a pair of ripped jeans and clean white sneakers for a more relaxing outlook. This style has been going around for decades, but it never loses its appeal for generations. You can dress it up by adding your favorite pair of sunnies for a more laid-back look.

Style #2: Ripped Jeans With Cosy Oversized Sweatshirts

Ripped jeans are not exclusive to summer fashion. You can also wear it during the colder months by pairing your go-to denim with an oversized sweatshirt. It can keep you warm without sacrificing your need to look fashionable at the same time. It would be best if you can match it with a pair of high-cut boots to keep your feet comfortably warm while walking in the streets of Australia.

Style #3: Ripped Jeans Over Fishnet Stockings 

Planning to attend a music festival while looking uber-chic? Why not try wearing a pair of ripped jeans over fishnet stockings to enhance your look. Wearing fishnets under different fashion pieces is typical among some of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, including Emma Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gwen Stefani, so there is no reason not to wear it under jeans. This style is also perfect for going to the clubs and concerts for a rocker girl vibe.

Style #4: Ripped Jeans With Blazer 

You can bring your stylish-but-relaxed look to another level by putting a blazer on top of your simple shirt and ripped jeans. This combination is perfect during casual days in the office. It is also the ideal outfit if you intend to have fun after work but have no time to go home to change.

Style #5: Ripped Jeans With Lacy Bodysuit

If you’re aiming for a sexy, sensual look, you can put on your favourite lacy lingerie or bodysuit then match it with nice-fitting ripped jeans. It is the perfect wear for hot, summer days or if you want to imitate Khloe Kardashian’s usual get-up.

Ripped jeans are perfect for any types of outfit. You can wear it with any top to achieve different kinds of look, depending on your mood for the day. So make sure that you stock your wardrobe with the most comfortable pair of ripped jeans. The best part is that many stores offer a variety of different styles of ripped jeans in Australia.

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