How To Dress Well In Cold Weather

How To Dress Well In Cold Weather

How To Dress Well,wind, rain, snow … they are not excuses when it comes to dressing well. Unlike! With the ideas we give you, you will wish the cold does not go away!

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold

It has its mystery but not too much. Dressing well and going warm is not so complicated if you have the right tools, that is, warm and flattering clothes that protect us from low temperatures. You just need to combine them correctly and with these tips you will get it very easily.

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold: Dress In Layers

Thermal t shirts and tights

Can you wear something as thin as a pyjamas suit? Well yes as long as you resort to the trick of dressing in layers. Thermal t-shirts and tights will be your best allies. They are very tight to the body and as they are made of technical materials, they do not let their own heat escape with the advantage that you do not notice that you are wearing them.

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold: All Wool

All wooll.

The most modern and sophisticated materials are a great option to combat low temperatures but there is nothing like wool. It is insulating and keeps the heat inside while allowing the skin to breathe. Wear it in the form of baggy sweaters , coats, skirts or dresses. Anything goes.

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold: Wide Silhouettes Vs. Adjusted

Wide Silhouettes Vs. Adjusted

A styling trick that never fails when it comes to wrapping up warmly without increasing a size is to create balanced volumes. Here, for example, a very wide silhouette is worn on the upper part and to compensate for the volume, tight pants have been chosen that reveal the true shape of the body.

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold: Shearling Lining

shearling lining

Are you passionate about leather jackets ? Around here we also love them but to shelter what is said to shelter, they do not shelter much. However, they should not be given up when the harsh winter arrives. Just choose a model with a shearling lining. They wear a lot and have the enormous advantage that they give a lot of heat without visually increasing body volume.

How To Dress Well  When It’s Cold: Cloth Coats

cloth coats

They are the most beautiful, okay, but since they are not lined they may not be the warmest in the world. If you live in a place where it is really cold, it is best to use a thin and light vest or down and wear it underneath. In this way you will not have to give up the style that a cloth coat has  but you will be warm.

How To Dress Well  When It’s Cold: Sock Booties

Sock Booties

Cropped pants are worn, okay, they look great and lengthen the silhouette thanks to the fact that they show a bit of an ankle but when we are less than 5 degrees, we don’t really want to show the leg for a monkey that remains. Then what do we do? In order not to lose the effect, we can wear our short hem pants with a sock-type boots . As they are closer to the leg, they have the same effect that is even more potent when they are in a camel tone like these.

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold: Fur Coats

Fur Coats

What if we have a wedding in the middle of winter or we want to wear a dress on New Year’s Eve? It is still necessary to sacrifice the legs although sandals are not necessary, of course, but a synthetic fur coat in a powerful tone, in addition to giving a touch of glamor to the look, will keep us much warmer than any other garment.

How To Dress Well  In Cold Weather: Long Dresses

Long Dresses

Wearing a flowing dress in winter can be one of the best ways to keep warm, far from what it may seem at first. Why? Well, because underneath you can put on a few layers, for example, wear a knitted T-shirt and thermal tights or leggings and finish off with women ugg boots.

How To Dress Well When It’s Cold: Turtleneck


If you are lucky that this garment does not overwhelm you (not everyone supports the friction of the neck) you can incorporate it into a lot of looks to be warmer. There is always the option of wearing it as a main garment, like here, but you can also wear it under pinafore, blazers or low-cut dresses.

With the cold there is little desire to leave the house but when you wrap up well, the low temperatures can also have their point . The key to doing this is dressing in layers, but you have to choose them well so as not to end up looking like the Michelin man. We reveal all the keys that you have to know to be very cute and not get even a little cold . Attentive

Clothes For The Cold

Thermal clothing. You have to go layer by layer and the first one that touches your body (in cases of extreme cold or that you are going to be many hours in the middle of the street) should be thermal. There are very thin tights and shirts that are not noticeable under the rest of the clothes.

Fine sweaters and t-shirts. Then add a fine knit sweater, it can be a high neck if you wish (and you can hold it) or a cotton shirt.

Corduroy and wool. They are the two star fabrics to really keep warm . As part of the top, you can wear a thick sweater and so that it does not add volume, tuck it a little inside the pants. As a bottom, you can choose a wide leg corduroy trousers .

Skirts and dresses. They are allowed as long as you wear good stockings underneath and you get ones that are mid- length or are made of a warm material.

For the feet. Boots are the best idea. There are them lined with hair inside and also high , ideal for you to wear with those dresses and skirts.

Coat Cloth coats are the cutest but they shelter rather little. Put on a light down vest underneath to reinforce its effect against the cold. Faux fur and feathers are also very warm but can add volume. Wear them with fanny packs or belts to refine the silhouette.

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