Can You Match Outfits for Your Annual Family Photo?

Do you want to start a family tradition of taking annual photos during the holidays? This timeless ritual can slowly become a celebration of unity with a hint of style. But one essential element that you shouldn’t compromise on is coordinated outfits.

Yes, you can match outfits to take the annual family photo. Industry leaders believe that coordinated clothes can have many mental health benefits. For instance, mommy-and-me outfits epitomize family identity and enhance self-esteem.

Positive trends have contributed to the growth of family clothing stores across America. In the last five years, revenue from this industry has grown at a 2.4% CAGR. It proves that there are multiple options to choose from. But you’ll have to consider themes, colors, individual preferences, etc. when selecting outfits for your annual family photo.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways you can find the perfect matching outfits and more.

5 Ways to Find Outfits That Match Your Family’s Style

You probably don’t know how to find outfits that’ll be perfect for the annual photoshoot. Thankfully, the following tips will help you gather inspiration:

  1. Understand your family’s unique style and personality by asking them about the themes and patterns they like.
  2. Use color theory to choose textures and schemes based on your family’s preferences and requirements for the outfit.
  3. Check out various options to determine the type of matching outfits you and your family are looking for.
  4. Don’t forget to choose classic pieces that mimic simplicity, uniqueness, and fashion.
  5. Always remember to accessorize without compromising on comfort and flexibility.

You can also go for minimalism when choosing matching outfits. For instance, you should avoid buying clothes that have big logos or patterns.

A family photographer named Liz Lonky mentions that you should keep an extra pair of clothes. That’s because the outfits can get dirty or wet during the shoot. She also mentions that it’s crucial to consider the background and environment when choosing the outfit’s theme.

3 Matching Outfit Ideas You Should Look Into

Do you want your family photos to look unique? In that case, you’ll need coordinated outfit ideas that are the epitome of style and unity. For that, you should choose any of the following classic ideas that mimic your family’s aesthetic and personality:

#1. Pajama Theme

Are you looking for an indoor shoot and considering a laid-back vibe? You can get your family matching pajamas for fun memories during the photo shoot. Wearing these, you can cozy up on the couch or gather near the fireplace for the pictures.

According to LazyOne, these pajamas are usually super comfortable and stylish. You can wear onesies, shorts, nightshirts, etc. They also come in sets with fun prints, festive designs, and traditional patterns. This outfit theme can truly bring a playful and cozy twist to your annual family pictures.

The matching pajama theme can also have whimsical holiday motifs, traditional plaid designs, floral themes, or plain colors. Whichever you choose, your family is in for a relaxed and stylish vibe.

Remember to accessorize the matching pajamas to make them look unique. Examples include fuzzy socks, slippers, robes, sleep masks, etc.

#2. Denim Theme

Have you chosen a cityscape backdrop for the photoshoot? Then, you can wear matching denim outfits with your family. Denim has become an American wardrobe staple. That means you might not have to spend any money on this coordinated outfit.

The rugged textures, brick buildings, and graffiti perfectly complement denim. A denim theme will give your pictures an urban-chic aesthetic. It can also work well at rustic barns and retro locations.

You can coordinate outfits with a light wash and dark indigo shades. It’ll give your family picture a timeless appeal that showcases relaxation and style. On top of the denim, each member can wear white shirts, sweaters, or blouses for an effortless vibe.

Do you want the casual American style? Then, remember to add hats, belts, or scarves that go with the denim palette. Go for brown or tan colors when choosing these accessories.

#3. Nautical Theme

According to Verywell Mind, blue is a sign of reliability, calmness, and stability. That’s a theme you would want in your family photos, right? With this, your annual family photo will look breezy, fresh, and positive.

Wearing matching nautical-theme clothes will be perfect if your shoot location is on the beach, yacht, lighthouse, pier, or deck. You can pair navy blue blazers with khaki trousers or skirts. Even polo shirts and light blue pants could work.

Try to accentuate the outfit with a touch of color and accessories. Pair your nautical outfits with sailor hats, loafers, leather belts, tote bags, hair bows, and scarves. To make your photo stand out, you can create a picturesque backdrop with ropes, buoys, anchors, etc.

In summary, annual family photos can become the perfect way to connect, grow, and love. Coordinating outfits for this tradition can play a crucial role. If you choose the right matching outfits, you can enhance the visual appeal and symbolize harmony.

Follow the tips mentioned in this blog to find a matching outfit that suits your family’s identity. Based on that, you can either choose a pajama, denim, or nautical theme. But remember to discuss the outfits with your family before the big day.

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