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Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Tips

Sometimes, in the past, the American singer “Christina Aguilera” here appeared weighed down. She never made a drama out of it. On the contrary, she always replied to some excessive 

criticism: “Make yourself a reason!” This time, after the second birth, she showed up toned and fit. How did she get back on track?

She is beautiful and her voice has colors and shades that are unmatched, yet Christina Aguilera also has an Achilles heel.

In the past, her singer appeared sometimes weighed down. Since the birth of her first child in 2008, Christina Aguilera  has had at least four or five weight changes to date. 

And even if she has never made a drama out of it, on the contrary she has always replied to some excessive criticism, every time she has found an exceptional form.

But at what cost? At the center of heated controversy a hypothetical liposuction, but she denied adding that ‘her cure’ consists of a protein diet and lots and lots of yoga .

It must be said that since the end of her marriage to Jordan Bratman in 2010, father of her first child Max Liron, Christina Aguilera has had many ups and downs.

But now for Christina a new and very happy period of her life has begun : officially engaged to Matt Rutler , an assistant to film productions, she is again a mother, this time of a little girl, Summer Rain .

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To find Out More About Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Secrets, Read below

1 – When it comes to Christina Aguilera weight losing relies on a 1600-1800 calorie diet. Needing a lot of energy to perform on stage, she takes on a lot of protein, vegetables and whole grains, but no white flour products, such as rice, pasta and bread. The singer follows this diet for 6 days a week and her daily menu includes three main meals and two snacks.

2 – In her low carb diet , Christina Aguilera combines high quality fats such as avocado with lean proteins such as chicken or fish breast. As for the ideas, she chooses peanut butter and celery.

3 – One day a week, mainly Sunday, Christina Aguilera allows herself whatever she wants. Alternatively, the casual day coincides with the day she has a show. During a performance she burns between 2000 and 4000 calories, and this gives her the opportunity to delight in the foods she loves most like: french fries, chicken wings, nachos and Oreo cookies.

4 – During her first pregnancy, the singer followed a diet based mainly on fresh products, which included fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and which had been supplied to her by The Fresh Diet company. This type of food program had a cost of around 1093$ dollars per month.

5 – In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, Christina Aguilera also does a lot of exercise and following this is her personal trainer Tee Sorge, who has helped her a lot even during the periods in which she had considerable weight fluctuations. In addition to cardio activity, Christina also does meditation and yoga.

What do we think? A sedentary woman between 18 and 40 years old needs 1900 calorie per day to feel fit – for an active woman, this goes to 2150 calories, and up to 2500 calorie per day for a sportswoman.

So, the drastic diet of Christina Aguilera, we do not validate! Besides, it’s no secret: frustration is our worst enemy when we want to lose weight healthily. And when we crack, the pounds come back in force.”

6 – Christina Aguilera trains between 5 and 6 times a week. Her training begins with exercises that increase the heart rate, such as a 10-20 minute walk on the treadmill which she combines on alternate days with a 10-15 minute run.

7 – Weights are fundamental. To get the upper body toned, the singer works a lot on both biceps and triceps, using weights from 5 to 20 kg. Each exercise must be repeated 3 times and carried out constantly 5 times a week.

8 – Abs are an integral part of her workout routine: ranging from 350 to 500 consecutive repetitions. To these she combines push-ups and lunges . Result: steel abs!

9 – Christina Aguilera 2019 has been highly criticized for her weight loss after her first pregnancy . There are those who say that behind her extreme makeover, there is the paw of a wise cosmetic surgeon. She denies, and thanks the diet combined with exercise!

10 – Some tabloids have also argued that its premise is attributable to Reiki, a Japanese spiritual practice, which provides alternative ‘healing’ methods to traditional medicine.

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Extreme Yoga And Bodybuilding

If the sport does not make it possible to lose weight, it nevertheless helps us to sculpt a pretty harmonious silhouette. And that, Christina Aguilera understood well: to find her body as a young girl, she required 8 weekly training sessions, of 90 min each.

What do we think? Regular physical activity in addition to a balanced diet is effectively “the” ideal recipe for achieving your weight loss goal.

On the other hand, too much sport (Christina Aguilera’s training is equivalent to 12 hours of intense physical activity a week!) Can be dangerous … Especially when you only consume 1600 Kcal per day.

The World Health Organization recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day: what if we were already trying to reach this level?”


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