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What Are The Different Shapes Of The Female Body?

While it is true that the shape of our body is predetermined by genetics, it is also true that we can modify them with specific best exercises. Depending on your body type, you can use different strategies to weight loss, paying attention to the areas that interest you the most, and for that it is useful to know what are the most common types of shapes for the female body shape. For simplicity they are divided into five main types: apple , pear , rectangle, triangle and hourglass . Each of these forms has particular characteristics that differentiate them from the others.

What Body Shape Do You Have? Apple, Pear, Rectangle, Triangle Or Hourglass.


The apple body shape is characterized by long, slender legs and a rounded waistline . The shoulders can be quite broad, but always in proportion to the figure and the breasts are usually abundant.

Unfortunately for you, the extra pounds will not be well distributed throughout the body, but will focus on the arms, chest, stomach and hips. Legs and buttocks will continue to be lean.


The pear body shape, on the other hand, is marked by a slim waistline and abundant hips . The circumference of the chest will always be smaller than that of the hips. The shoulders are usually in proportion to the rest of the body and the legs tend not to be very long.

Unfortunately for you – and for me the extra pounds will not be uniform. They will tend to creep into the hips, butt and often thighs as well.


The rectangle shape differs from the previous ones due to the lack of shapes and roundness . For this reason it is also called bread stick. The circumference of the chest, waist and hips is often very similar. The thinner ones usually have a rather angular silhouette.

Any extra pounds will be distributed evenly, but will make it even more difficult to enhance this body.


The triangle physique  is the opposite of the pear one. It features very broad shoulders  and narrow hips . The waistline is always thin, while the breast circumference can change. 

Also in this case, the extra pounds will not unbalance the figure. Indeed, in some cases, they will allow you to better balance the proportion between shoulders and hips.


The hourglass body shape is certainly the most balanced. It features a narrow waist and equally sized breasts and hips . Sexy legs and shoulders are also always in proportion to the rest of the figure.

This body type is considered the most popular beauty model and very lucky The extra kilos will be distributed evenly over the whole body and, if not excessive, will create an absolutely harmonious curvy silhouette

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