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Guide to Different Types of Mens Hats

Mens hats,with the prerogative that they would not be caught in the branches of the trees. The hat originally called coke was changed to the current bowler by the name of Thomas William Bowler’s business. In France, it is called a bowler hat, in Germany, it is called a bowler. In the United States, it is called a derby mens hats after the Earl Edward George Derby who wore it.

The Top Hat

The most stylish hat for men . Enhanced with a uniformly flat top, a wide edge and a matte band. The line of the cylinder is generally deformed, the central part being narrower than the ends. Today, it can only be worn with a raincoat or raincoat.


Also known as Snap Brim, it is characterized by a wide edge, 7.5 to 8 cm wide and flexible which can be turned up or down. It is surrounded by a darker band.


It has a frusto-conical dome, pinched at the front on both sides. The edge is about 6 cm wide on average. and of a fairly rigid consistency.


It is similar to a fedora but usually has a shorter edge and the back of the edge is higher. It is recognizable by its thin ribbon with a knot on the right side. The brown trilby dress with a tweed dress is part of the classic English riding outfit.


This type of mens hats suited to formal elegance. It has a raised wing and a bump-like central fold. Its name derives from that of the deputy Cristiano Lobbia who was attacked in Florence in 1869. He was struck by a blow on the head which stuck his hat to him. It is also called Homburg after the German city of Bad Homburg where it was made.

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Bucket Hat

A simplistic design, this hat style is commonly referred to as the bucket hat because of the wide downward facing brim. They are mostly an unstructured lightweight hat that keeps the sun off of your head, and they are easy to store in bags or even pockets.

Bucket hats are stocked by streetwear brands such as Urban Outfitters and Stussy. Supreme and Lacoste’s collaboration in April saw more bucket hats than baseball caps with all of them selling out on the first day.


Also known as jipijapa, it is a type of hat woven by hand with the fibers of a dwarf palm. This mens hats is called Panama because Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, wore it during the inauguration of the Panama Canal in 1906.

The boater

In straw, with a straight and flat dome, with circular pitch, rigid and short. The dome is surrounded by a ribbon. Its use was often associated with the sport of rowing, as part of the uniform, to be called the same hat to the tank top. In France, it is called a boater or sailor, in Germany butterblume, in England a boater or strat. Hat essential for traditional regattas that take place in the English city of Henley.

Tweed hat

Suitable for sports coats, Barbour coats and double-sided coats with tweed side. Also to wear when the jacket or dress is made of the same fabric.

The beret

Sporty hairstyle with a flat line, usually in tweed. It is worn for sports such as fishing, horse riding or hunting.

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