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Best Pocket Watch In 2020

The pocket watch has been, for five centuries, the jewel par excellence of the gentlemen who loved to dress well. Its production may require a large quantity of precious materials, such as silver and gold. Furthermore, the production of this type of items requires a high dose of miniature engineering, developed by highly skilled craftsmen.

Their invention took place thanks to the miniaturized incorporation of the spiral spring and the torsion pendulum into the clock mechanism. Initially built with an ovoid shape, pocket watches were developed in the 16th century by Peter Helen. Originating in the German city of Nuremberg, these clocks were also known as Nuremberg eggs .

The Most Important Things In A Nutshell

  • There are several types of pocket watch. However, the classic style ones are still the most sought after. These add a vintage touch to any outfit.
  • We can find two main operating systems for pocket watches: quartz battery and mechanical operation. The latter are generally more expensive and durable than the former.
  • Before purchasing a pocket watch, it is important to check the material from which it was made, its design and operation, among other things. We will see it in more detail in the last section of the guide, dedicated to the purchase criteria.

The Best Pocket Watches: Our Selection

Nothing better than a pocket watch to check the time while standing out from the crowd. However, it is essential to consider several key factors to identify a quality watch and, therefore, to choose the option that best suits your style. Here is a list of some pocket watch models that might be right for you.

  • The best classic style pocket watch
  • The most versatile pocket watch
  • The most recommended pocket watch for a gift
  • The best pocket watch for collectors

The Best Classic Style Pocket Watch

The best classic style pocket watch

This classic style pocket watch is made of steel. It works with a Japanese quartz precision system, which guarantees its accuracy. Its exterior design is smooth and silvery. It has a stainless steel chain, which guarantees its durability. In addition, the dial is made of acrylic glass, which allows you to easily polish unnecessary scratches.

According to those who bought it, it is a product with an excellent quality / price ratio. It gives a good visual impact and works well, although obviously it cannot be considered a collector’s product.

The Most Versatile Pocket Watch

The Most Versatile Pocket Watch

This pocket watch from the Zeiger brand is a perfect combination of classic and steampunk style . Its vintage design makes it an ideal object for formal, but also informal clothes. It has a double closure, the perforated front, which allows you to see the internal mechanism, in addition to the time marked in Roman numerals. Its operating system is mechanical and is made of stainless steel.

Nice to look at, elegant and convenient, according to reviews. It recharges easily and works well, even if the materials for some are a bit fragile.

The Most Recommended Pocket Watch For A Gift

Pocket Watch For A Gift

This designer pocket watch works with a quartz battery. It is characterized by its engraving on the back cover and on the lid, which displays the Roman hands and numbers. The box is brown and also includes a cleaning cloth, a little tip that makes this model even more perfect as a gift.

It is an elegant pocket watch that is often recommended to be given, especially for its beautiful visual effect. The materials are not considered excellent, but the price is very advantageous.

The Best Pocket Watch For Collectors

The Best Pocket Watch For Collectors

Woodford pocket watch with a 5.1 cm diameter case and a 33 cm long gold-plated chain. The operation is mechanical and includes two time zones. It is sold with a nice presentation box.

Those who bought it consider it a beautiful pocket watch and recommend not to overload it (with a charge lasts 48 hours. Excellent value for money even if the box and chain are not considered to be of the same quality as the watch.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Pocket Watch

pocket watch.

From its invention in the early 16th century until the end of the First World War, the pocket watch has been the most common way of checking the time. It later became an obsolete item, especially after the appearance of wrist watches. Today its charm has returned to the fore and there are models for all tastes. We help you learn more about pocket watches before making the purchase for you.

What Are The Main Factors For Choosing The Best Pocket Watch?

When looking for a pocket watch there are two basic factors to consider: the design and the operating system or mechanism. Whether you plan to use it on a daily basis or only in special events, the appearance of such an accessory should strengthen your style, so you need to imagine it with the different clothes.

It is also important to choose between a pocket watch that runs on a quartz battery or a mechanical one. Quartz ones are recommended for daily use, as their battery lasts an average of two years. On the other hand, the mechanical type has a more attractive style thanks to its winding mechanism and its complex gear system.

What Differences Exist Between The Quartz Pocket Watch And The Mechanical One?

First, we need to clarify that both systems require a power source to function. In the case of the mechanical watch, the winding takes place with a spiral spring, which will determine, for its length, the operating time. Charging time on most pocket watches is approximately two days.

Quartz watches operate on a totally different principle, since their impulse derives from the energy stored in a battery. This uses a quartz crystal that vibrates when it comes in contact with a certain electrical current. Since their frequency is usually 32.768 Hertz (Hz), they are generally considered to be more accurate.

How Do You Give Rope To A Pocket Watch?

Mechanical pocket watches have a rope mechanism at the top called the crown. This is used both to open the front cover of the watch and to charge it. If its use is daily, you need to charge it every day. The movement is simple, just turn the crown a few times.

If you use the pocket watch only occasionally, you must wind it through the crown only before using it and the charge should last at least a day.

What Maintenance Does A Pocket Watch Require?

pocket watches

As for maintenance, although it does not require much, there are some tips that will extend its life. You should write them down, they are simple:

  • Before adjusting the time or charging the pocket watch, we recommend that you remove the dust that builds up near the crown.
  • If you want to keep it immaculate, you can polish it with a dry cloth and a special paste, depending on the material.
  • It is preferable to always keep it in its case, which will avoid humidity, dust and protect the pocket watch from possible falls.

Purchase Criteria

For those who are not experts, pocket watches may all look more or less the same. However, there are purchase criteria to follow that could help you make the best choice based on what may be most suitable for you. And above all you will find a product that will satisfy you and will not remain closed in a drawer.

  • Certifications
  • Design
  • Resistance
  • Precision
  • custody


pocket watch

A quality certificate dedicated to checking, among other factors, the maximum quality of the materials used in the watches, is the Fleurier Quality. This seal is obtained only from Swiss watches, since one of their criteria requires that the piece has been 100% manufactured in this country. It is a certificate that guarantees its quality, although it is not the only one. Check any certifications of the pocket watch you choose, if you want to find a quality product.


There are classic, vintage, collectible, modern and even minimalist pocket watches. The choice will depend on the style of the dress and the personality. Remember that it is very common to make personalized engravings on watches with polished dials. Therefore, you will always have the opportunity to have a unique and incomparable piece.


pocket watches

Believe it or not, with due care, a good pocket watch can last for decades. A reliable method to verify its resistance is the Chronofiable test, a wear test carried out in Switzerland by CCF SA (Center de Contrôle de la Fiabilité de l’horlogerie Suisse, Laboratoire Dubois).


A good pocket watch should allow a maximum of running irregularities of +/- 2 seconds per day. This standard can be used as a reference for knowing the level of accuracy. In addition, some watches have the German brand Deutsche Chronometer, which certifies a high level of precision in its running.


Every quality pocket watch must have a presentation case, which also functions as a jewelry box. We strongly recommend that you use the case to avoid bumps or scratches on the watch. Another advantage of the case is that it offers the watch the perfect package for a great class gift.

This method of the Alpine country is to test the resistance of the watch for 21 days. It is done by subjecting it to shocks, temperature changes and magnetic fields


In this article you could understand that pocket watches are much more than just a device for reading the time. In fact, engineering pieces are developed, as well as jewelry that can be used on various occasions. They are, in a nutshell, a distinctive object that has not gone out of fashion and will hardly do so.

Now that you know a little more about the history, operation and styles of pocket watches, you just have to choose the one that best meets the expectations for what you are looking for. It is also important to remember the advice we have given you on its maintenance, to enjoy the pocket watch for longer.

In this article we have offered you all the information you need to choose the most suitable pocket watch for you.

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