Valentine's Day dress code

The Valentines Day Dress Code To Impress Your Partner On Valentines Day

The day to celebrate love is around the corner, already has a perfect gift and is ready to spend a special moment together. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to experiment with a new style. The best way to not feel the winter cold is to receive the hugs and caresses of that special person that you have by your side. You can create these fresh and romantic styles easily with very little effort. Choose one of these three ultra-feminine styles for that special day to have a valentines day dress code.

The trends of this season that will make you great body. But beware! We know you’re thinking about your spring looks and valentines day dress code. So you do not get overwhelmed an hour before the appointment, choose the ideal set right now. We have compiled the best styles for Valentine’s Day according to … your kind of relationship! Do not miss it!

They say the so many colors of passion, while romantic, classic and elegant. Choose the best valentines day dress code to look worn with style and confidence to look attractive and sexy. Surely you have in your closet more than one dress in this color of dress, so what better to wear it on the day of love?

How will be a Valentines Day Dress Code:

Casual Valentines Day Dress Code

Casual valentines day dress code

If you are one of the few lucky couples who can spend the whole day together, you should choose something that is suitable for day and night. Pay attention to comfort as you will spend most of the day,

Pirate pants that fit the size or even neutral tights with a thin blouse and a linen or cotton linen jacket look great all over the world. Pay attention to the shape since something too tight or too loose will look bad. The jacket will keep you warm overnight. Choose your colors wisely. You do not have to wear whole red simply because it is Valentine.

Feminine And Sexy Valentines Day Dress Code

Feminine and sexy Valentine’s Day dress code

There is nothing like a soft dresses when you want to create a feminine look. Opt for a tailored dress that shapes your body. Also consider the feasibility of wearing very tight dresses, if you are not sure of the places you are going to visit.

You should consider the practicability and comfort of your wardrobe. And a practical and comfortable dress can be very sexy. Opt for soft fabrics such as chiffon and lightweight silks in the colors and prints of your choice. You can also play with the shapes of the necklines. Choose a length that does not drag behind you while walking.

Elegant Valentines Day Dress Code

Elegant Valentine’s Day dress code

It is romantic to go to an elegant restaurant for a candlelit dinner, with romantic background music and the company of a loved one. Take out  the valentines day dress code, jewelry and makeup you had saved for a special event, after all, the date demands it.

Choose a designer dress in bold colors. The lighting in the restaurant will accentuate the colors. You could go for the classic red or black color, or you can even choose other warm colors, such as oranges and yellows. The solids work very well as floral and animal prints. Wear a custom dress that falls at the waist and sleeveless. Make sure it makes you look sexy and feel comfortable.

Perfect Accessories To Match Valentines Day Dress Code

The jewels that go with the theme of valentines day dress code is the perfect way to finish off your dance ensemble. Heart-shaped and flower earrings on a delicate necklace look good with low necklines, while shiny rhinestone earrings complement the higher necklines. As for the shoes, choose a pair with a lower heel that you can dance with. You should keep your hair and makeup simple, but with a little more glamour than your normal look. Collect your hair in a high and loose bun or with soft and informal curls. As for your face, use pretty pastel eye shadows and leave your lips pleasant and neutral, so as not to cover your partner with the color of your lipstick

Why Everyone To Take Red Flowers On Valentine’s Day ?

valentines day dress code matches with the red rose

The reason is fundamentally due to the implicit meaning of the flower itself . And, like the Almond tree flower, the rose implies love and friendship. Two meanings that vary substantially according to the color we choose from the flower (as we saw in this other post) according to the language of the flowers . A language that has now fallen into disuse but that, not so many years ago, was a true communication code. valentines day dress code matches with the red rose it is also one of the reason

A Little History About Valentine

Where does this whole theme of getting so romantic come on February 14? Well, the origin must be sought, as in so many other things, in Ancient Rome.

When Rome dominated much of the known world, a great pagan festival, called Lupercalia, was celebrated in honor of fertility. The name sounded quite promising, but the staging went a little out of hand, as women whipped themselves with whips made from goats and dogs (and wet in the blood of these same animals). With that ritual of flogging, women waited for their reward in the form of great fertility.

At the end of the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I prohibited the celebration of Lupercalia and declared February 14 as the day of the feast of St. Valentine. This Saint Valentine is believed to have been one of the three martyrs who lived in Ancient Rome, and performed endless good works before being executed for his faith. That said, he doubts its existence, but that does not matter to the forofos of love.

It would not be until the Middle Ages when Valentine’s day would begin to be related to the celebration of love and friendship. It is said that the first Valentine’s letter was written by the French Duke Carlos de Orleans, who, in 1416, wrote to his beloved wife, Bonne de Armagnac, while being held in the Tower of London.

Since then, millions of love letters have been written during Valentine’s Day, especially since capitalism began to create, already in the twentieth century, all kinds of consumerist objects and traditions related to this celebration.

Some Countries Celebrate Love Day On Other Dates

Argentina: February 14 – July 20 (sweet day)

Bolivia: September 21

Brazil: June 12

Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela celebrate February 14

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