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Jennifer Aniston Always Have Perfect Skin And A Body That Seems To Improve With Age

Jennifer Aniston is among the most loved stars by women.

Probably partly because she made a fairy tale when, next door girl, she married one of the most desirable men in the cinema, partly because of the empathy that was unanimous when the same man left her for Angelina Jolie.

Loved by the public and the cinema, at the jennifer aniston age of 50, the actress still seems the same as when we met her as Rachel in “Friends”: same cheeky smile, perfect skin, light makeup, and simple look. All accompanied by a physique that seems to improve with age.

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How Can She Always Be So Perfect?

Here are all the beauty tricks that we managed to get them


There are few certainties in life. One of these, however, is represented by Jennifer’s hair. The star has made her hair a distinctive feature since the days of “Friends”.

Her hairstyle in the 1990s was the most imitated ever, despite having recently admitted that she always hated her.

The reason? It was not easily manageable without a hairdresser next door.

Now the star is followed by stylist Christopher McMillan, but his secret for that always shiny and perfect hair seems to be to let it dry naturally, when possible.

“My hair usually gets better with that wake-up effect.

Unfortunately, Chris doesn’t live with me, but I learned a lot from him and I got pretty good at handling brushes and hair dryers », revealed the actress.


At 50’s jennifer aniston age still shows a girlish skin, smooth and perfect, as if time never passed for her.

My father was 100% Greek, he is over 80 and you can hardly find a wrinkle. And my grandmother was like that too, even though she died at 95.

But I think it’s also about water. Drink lots of water and use quality face products. Without exaggerating.

And then I believe that sleep does so much. Sleeping well is always important.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Diet

Jennifer has always been in shape without being too thin and in her career, she has shown very few changes in weight.

This is thanks to a healthy diet, but suitable for your body.

I usually eat a little bread, my body doesn’t like yeasts, it assimilates them immediately, so I tend to give them to me on the weekend.

A few months ago on Instagram, the star published two photos that portrayed an example of her meals: for breakfast, a slice of bread with an egg, three segments of avocado and two slices of tomato; for lunch a salad with lettuce, cucumbers, feta cheese, mint, parsley, red onion, and pistachios.

The Body

In “How I Deal Your Family” Jennifer showed a body to scream, so much so that she could afford a striptease like the one in the photo.

How did it do it? She told herself in an interview:

“I train almost every day, roughly five or six days a week.

I do 40 minutes of cardio: spinning, running, the elliptical or a combination of the three.

Then I do Pilates one day a week and also yoga three times a week. In short, I try to mix a little

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The Make-Up

Jennifer has always opted for a soap and water look, both on the red carpet of special occasions and for everyday life.

No excessive makeup or bright colors.

Everything starts from the primer, to fix the make-up well, then a little foundation, eye pencil, mascara, and blush are all you need and you’re done.

Also on the red carpet, Jennifer always carries lip balm, never lipstick.

“When I see girls with red lips at events I always think” How the hell do you think you can keep it so perfect all night? ” That’s why I never wear it


The actress does not like to follow fashion too much and her style is always casual, simple, but sophisticated.

For a perfect Jennifer Aniston look, just a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer.

“The secret is to have the tailor’s shirts tidied up. It sounds crazy, but it works. Unless you find perfect ones.

Usually, I rely on James Perse and Theory for t-shirts and basic clothes. For jeans I love Hudson and Genetic, I still have models that don’t even exist anymore. And for jackets, Saint Laurent is the best for me


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