You Should Get Love From Everyone

You Should Get Love From Everyone

You are exactly one of those who have experienced more suffering than they deserve. There is enough in your life, but I know that you still try to be helpful and try to be happy for every little thing. You should get love from everyone, but instead you keep getting artificial phrases and the love worthy of your heart still doesn’t come.

Every day is a new beginning for you. Every single day you try to be there for every single person who asks you for help, even though you need it yourself. You are here precisely to help yourself with your love. I believe that one day you will receive as much loves as your soul deserves. One day you will tell yourself that it was all worth it. The time will finally come when you say to yourself that you understand why it all went away, even though it was too beautiful. All the broken hearts, all the phrases and all the disappointments will pass away because someone will come along who will appreciate your love.

Be devoted to your love. Try to be a support for people who need it. Believe that it will all come back to you. Your love helps people every single day and it’s up to them if they really appreciate your love. Sometimes, you just have to take a break from a person like you and you will often come across words that you are simply something to them that they don’t deserve because they can’t give you that much love. It might be hard to admit it, but eventually you’ll find it’s true. They will be people who loved you very much but couldn’t give you as much love as you were able to give them. However, you will remain in their hearts as the kindest person with a good heart.

Believe it or not… Your love helps and people keep it in their hearts. The right people will stay with you and those who left realize what love they lost. They know that you helped them, so keep helping and take care of cold souls. Take care of people who need love. Kill people with love because that’s exactly what this world needs.

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