The Charm Of The Boy With Blue Eyes

The Charm Of The Boy With Blue Eyes

I fell under the spell of a boy with blue eyes. Just. Dizzyingly fast and at the same time unspeakably slowly, tenderly. Those heavenly eyes haunt me day after day. When I immerse myself in them, I lose track of time and have no idea where reality ends and where it begins. Everything around me stops for a moment and ceases to exist. All but the boy with the blue eyes. They are dark blue-gray in the evening and turquoise in the morning. I love them the most.

The blue-eyed boy has many forms. He can give me an excited look that sends chills all over my body without touching me. He also knows how to give me a loving look, with which he stares at me, even when he is angry with me. In their depth, I will always discover that unconditional love that everyone in the world is looking for.

The blue-eyed boy’s charm hit me when I least expected it. And it hit me many more times. When he got excited in the store about a new toy he discovered. Or outside in the park, when he was staring thoughtfully in front of him. Or in the gym when he was working out strenuously. I also fell in love with his sad eyes, when I knew very well that I had disappointed him again because of something. But I fell under his spell the most when he was just looking into the distance and I wanted to know what he was thinking. That’s when I found the lost peace in those heavenly eyes.

I was charmed by his care, his calmness and boundless patience. When he looks at me, I know I’m home. Especially in the morning, so embarrassed and sleepy. I also adore his furrowed brow as his heavenly eyes laugh with me and I finally don’t feel alone. I find my personal heaven in him.

I fell under the spell of the boy with blue eyes so much that I sometimes look for him even where he is not. I see him in the crowd among strangers’ faces, in the book between the lines, in nature among the trees, and in myself among all the broken pieces. Sometimes I feel like a body without a soul if I don’t see those sea-colored eyes again. I became addicted to them. From everything they represent. From the love they give me.

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