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Best Airbrush Makeup Kits of 2020

The airbrush makeup is a process very boom that is increasingly used in the world of aesthetics and fashion, film and television, as well as bridal makeup. In this article, we analyze the best airbrush makeup kits with the cheap compressor to start or for more advanced users.

It consists of applying a makeup base through an airbrush and a small compressor, obtaining very homogeneous and natural results, more homogeneous than those that can be achieved with traditional means such as brushes and sponges.

Airbrush makeup is nearly linked to artistic makeup and allows you to create spectacular effects on your face, both for day to day as party makeup and fantasy designs

Want To Know More About Airbrush Makeup

It is a technique that sews on spraying the face and body with a special liquid base for this type of airbrush makeup kit. The little machine itself is composed of an air compressor with a small engine and a hose that pulls air through a gun, which doses the product, and where the base that is sprayed on the face or body comes out, without any contact with the gun In this way, a super thin layer is achieved that covers the skin through macro particles that adhere to it, leaving a uniform and natural tone.

This type of makeup does not stain and leaves the skin with a velvety and natural appearance, so you avoid the unwanted mask effect. The airbrush can last between 16 and 24 hours, depending on the type of base and skin of the bride.

Is The Airbrush Makeup Suitable For All Skin Types?

No, this type of makeup is not suitable for any type of skin , since most of its formulas are silicone based, which is not recommended for oily skin. Currently, there are some brands that drew a water-based line, which is suitable for oily, mixed or acne-like skin. Aqueous bases do not have the best fixation on the skin and silicone bases do not adhere well to oily skin. For normal to dry skin, silicone based airbrush bases are quite good, since they leave the skin even. Therefore, for women with sensitive skin we recommend aqueous bases, but they should remember that it has less durability compared to silicone bases.

Best Airbrush Makeup Kits

Mini Gocheer Makeup Airbrush Kit

Gocheer Makeup Airbrush

Makeup kit with airbrush, compressor and multiple accessories, at a very cheap price to start or try without risk.


  • Dual-action and gravity-fed airbrush
  • Compact and quiet compressor ideal for makeup at home 25 PSI 
  • Multiple accessories: interchangeable nozzles and rods of various sizes, cleaning accessories, connection hose.

This kit contains everything you need to be able to make up with an airbrush: a gravity-fed double action airbrush, a small compressor that you can use inside your home or in your studio without taking up much space, and multiple replacements and cleaning accessories.

Bring interchangeable nozzles and rods of different sizes (0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm) which allow you to make smaller details with great precision or cover larger areas quickly.

The cleaning accessories it brings are very useful. It is important to clean the airbrush well after using it, for that it brings some small cleaning brushes with which to remove the remains of paint so that they do not dry out inside the airbrush.

Complete KKMoon Makeup Airbrush Kit

KKMoon makeup airbrush kit

This is the best airbrush makeup kits, one of the cheapest options you can find.


  • Dual-action gravity feed airbrush
  • Portable, silent compressor, pressure range 25 PSI (good for makeup)
  • Accessories: mini moisture filter, airbrush holder, key to loosen the nozzle and dropper.


  • Single nozzle diameter of 0.3mm

Your kit only stores the airbrush without its implements

This kit is even cheaper than the previous one, ideal if you are looking for the cheapest makeup airbrush possible to try without risk.

The airbrush is double action and gravity feed, the right type for airbrush makeup. The compressor is similar to the previous one, portable and lightweight and with enough pressure for makeup and nails.

The disadvantage with respect to the previous one is the lack of interchangeable nozzles of different sizes since it only brings one of 0.3mm size, another thing that would be good would be the cleaning accessories.

ABEST Makeup Airbrush Kit

ABEST makeup airbrush kit

Modern design, auto on-off function, and cleaning accessories, at a good price.


  • Dual-action gravity-fed airbrush
  • Portable compressor with auto on-off function and adjustable output pressure
  • Accessories: moisture filter, airbrush holder and cleaning brushes


  • Possibly more complicated in its transfer than other models, due to its size.

With an attractive design, this is the best makeup airbrush kits characterized in that its compressor has air pressure regulation and auto start-stop function

The airbrush is double action and gravity fed and has a bold design. If you like flashy colors, this is your airbrush.

One point in his favour is that he does bring cleaning accessories, which are very useful fine brushes to remove the remains of airbrush paint at the end of the session. This is important because this way you will keep your airbrush clean at all times and it will not get stuck.

KKMoon White Silver Airbrush Kit

KKMoon White Silver

Another low-cost kit to start in airbrush makeup and to paint nails without spending much.


  • Airbrush gravity feed and double action
  • Portable, compact compressor, pressure 25 PSI (good for makeup)
  • Accessories: mini air filter, 360º rotating support for the airbrush, nozzle wrench and eyedropper to dose the paint.


  • Single nozzle diameter of 0.3mm

Another option at a very affordable price to start in airbrush makeup or to paint nails with an airbrush. The kit is very compact so it can be used comfortably at home or in the studio.

The airbrush is fed by gravity and double action, with the output of 0.3mm. To get fine strokes you just have to paint with the tip of the airbrush closest to the surface of the model and to cover larger areas move the airbrush away so that the paint comes out more scattered.

ARISM From Sparmax Airbrush Kit

ARISM Sparmax Kit

The complete ARISM Sparmax Kit is a professional quality airbrushing kit. It includes the Sparmax SP-35 airbrush, one of the most recognized airbrushes in the world of airbrush makeup, the Sparmax ARISM compressor, connecting hoses, brackets and accessories for cleaning the airbrush.


  • Sparmax SP-35 makeup airbrush with 0.35mm nozzle
  • ARISM professional compressor from Sparmax with auto start/stop function
  • SCP 700 airbrush cleaning container
  • Professional quality

It has a modern and attractive design, the compressor is compact and quiet, ideal for airbrush makeup and for painting airbrush nails.

If you are looking to buy only the best airbrush makeup kits, for example, because you want a new and quality one or because you already have a compressor, the following makeup airbrushes are very good options:

Sparmax SP-35. The Sparmax SP-35 other airbrush is one of the most used for airbrush makeup. This airbrush model is gravity feed and comes with a 0.35mm tip which is an average size acceptable for most applications.

Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline M. The Harder & Steenbeck brand is a very good brand that guarantees quality and reliability. This model is side-fed paint, therefore it has the advantages of feeding by suction and gravity. This allows you to work at all angles comfortably, to reach different areas such as cheekbones, under the neck, etc. It includes nozzles of different sizes (brings 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm and 0.4 mm), which is useful for applying base tones and details.

YITOO Complete Airbrush Makeup Kit

This is a mini full system airbrush, designed for tattoos, makeup, decoration and nail art.  It is multifunctional, has an Inter Zimmer Action Trigger design, which saves materials and is durable.


  • It is special to make tattoos and nail decoration
  • It is economical in terms of materials and durable
  • It is easy to transfer
  • It is comfortable and ergonomic


  • It does not generate much air pressure
  • Its price is a little above average

It is an ideal design for amateur painters, also because of its characteristics it adapts for easy use, it is fast and conventional when moving, the design is made of stainless steel, which includes a portable air compressor, air hose, gravity of double action airbrush, mini air filter, holder, nozzle and dropper button. It has dimensions of 11 × 5.5 × 12 cm and has a weight of approximately 0.52 kg.

Rosemary – Best Double Action Airbrush

For those who want something more professional, and easy to carry, we find this portable, dual-action airbrush gun with a small compressor kit to make makeup, artistic paint, tattoo with mini filter, designs and more.


  • It is comfortable to generate spray and spray effects
  • Your devices are safe.
  • It is easy to move
  • It is comfortable thanks to its size


  • Although it is a product with a high rating, no comments from its users are observed

This airbrush can make a fine and smooth line, adjust the change according to your need for spraying and spraying, has a removable needle and nozzle caps, which facilitates all available spray and spray effects. It has a low level of noise and oil, as for the pressure to perform jobs, guarantees that it can be for adjustable pressure jobs, and continues. This device design is much safer and has integrated heat protection, this design has as its main feature it’s high quality and high efficiency.

This airbrush comes with a double-acting multi-purpose airbrush, gravity with a 0.3 mm needle and a 7 cc nozzle of gravity feed liquid, with a cap for easy spraying and easy cleaning. The spray effect is very professional and does not cause colour differences.

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