Brittle Nails

Brittle Nails – We Know What Will Help You

Brittle Nails, Our hands and their surface finish are our calling card. That’s why we hate it when our nails are brittle and brittle. Their appearance can be related not only to improper care, but also to illness or an improper lifestyle. If this is also your problem, we will advise you how to get rid of it!

Even if we value qualities other than their well -groomed appearance in others , the truth is that we all try to make a good impression. To cope, we brush our teeth, bathe, comb our hair and wash our clothes. However, our outward appearance can fall if we neglect a few details. It is not only the absence of deodorant and perfume, but also the ugly appearance of our nails. Brittle and brittle nails look unkempt and often make others question our conscientiousness.

The problem is that there are many factors behind nail problems that are not always easy to control. For this reason, it is often necessary to make an additional effort. However, even this does not always lead to unequivocal success.

Why do nails break?

First, we will try to explain why nails break. While in some it is caused by bad treatment (using aggressive varnishes and nail polish removers), in others soft brittle nails are caused by genetics .

Possible culprits of their bad condition include:

  • Age
  • Iron deficiency
  • Wearing artificial nails
  • Thyroid disease

What weakens the nails

Whether nature has treated you badly or you are responsible for the condition of your nails, it is important to know what is making them worse. This is the only way to avoid repeating the mistakes that led to the worsening of the current problem.

Repeated soaking and drying is not good for weak nails. A good example is washing dishes by hand. The action of cleaning or garden chemicals, excessive heat or cold, dehydration and lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements do not benefit them either. Of course, nails can also be damaged by accidents (when something falls on your nail or you stick your finger in a door) or by fungi that thrive in moist and unventilated environments.

What helps with brittle nails

That being said, repairing the damage caused may not be easy. In most cases, this process will require increased effort and struggle on several fronts. In addition, you will not see the results right away, because as you know, optimal nail growth takes time. However, those who arm themselves with patience can look forward to a satisfying harvest of their work.

Balanced diet

The first thing you can do for yourself is to check your daily diet. To make it easier, try writing down everything you drink or eat for a week. Then sit down and consider what could be improved. Instead of fast food, try to prepare a healthier fast food alternative at home. (The lentil veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with celery chips and yogurt dip is great!)

Treat yourself to plenty of high-quality meat , which contains proteins, fruits and colorful vegetables .

Vitamins and minerals

The main reason that should lead to a change in diet is that it will contain more vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In this context, it is necessary to mention B vitamins (especially vitamin B5 and vitamin B7), zinc, copper, vitamin E, vitamin C, iron, magnesium … and a whole range of other substances to which we often do not pay as much attention as we should.

Drinking mode

The same applies to nails as it does to hair and skin. This means that hydration is essential. Dry skin tends to become rough and scaly. On the other hand, dry hair breaks immediately when pulled. Therefore, it is foolish to think that nails will be different. Dry nails break because they lose their elasticity.


With the growing popularity of green medicine, many people ask whether it is possible to support the normal condition of the nails with the help of herbs. And the answer is yes!

Nails are affected by:

  • Country horseradish
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Stinging nettle

Thanks to these substances, nails have optimal nutrition and enough energy for growth. Herbs are best used in combination with the above vitamins and minerals.

Proper nail care in the first place

But that’s still not all you can do for yourself and your nails. Proper nail care is also key.

Your nails will benefit from:

  • Proper nutrition (natural food supplements)
  • Wearing gloves (in winter, but also when washing dishes and cleaning)
  • Shortening nails to the correct shape
  • Wearing socks and shoes that ventilate well and do not burn the feet
  • Thorough drying of nails after washing or bathing
  • Using base nail polishes before applying paint
  • Using strengthening nail polishes and oils
  • Using hand and foot creams
  • Pedicure and manicure (but only in certified salons)

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