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Meghan Markle Has Broken The 10 Royal Protocol

Now that Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Harry Meghan Markle has decided to “celebrate privately as a new family” the arrival of their baby and thus break the tradition and protocol of the British royal house, we remember some moments when the Duchess of Sussex has broken the rules.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Announcement

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful to the goodwill she has received from people throughout the United Kingdom and the world as they prepare to welcome their baby,” the palace said in a statement.

“Your royal highnesses have made a personal decision to keep private plans for the arrival of your baby. The Duke and Duchess hope to share with all the exciting news once they have had the opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family. 

10 Rules That Meghan Markle Has Broken

1. Divorced Woman

Wallis Simpson could not be part of British royalty and was even repudiated for being a divorced and American woman who fell in love with King Edward VIII, who had to abdicate the throne for his love of Wallis. But with Meghan Markle, who already had a divorce and is also an American, nothing like that happened.

2. She Says ‘No’ To The Stockings

Do you remember the photo of Meghan and Harry’s engagement? Well, there Meghan Markle wore bare legs, imposing her style and taste, although the rules of the royal house indicate that by protocol women should wear socks

3. Walk Alone To The Altar

Unable to be his father at the wedding, it would have been indicated that Prince Charles – father of Harry and William – walked with Meghan Markle from the entrance of the chapel of St. George of Windsor Castle. But the former actress opposed and walked part of the journey alone, thus breaking the protocol and the real tradition.

4. She Is Not Afraid To Show Her love for Harry:

Prince Harry kiss Meghan Markle

Royalty couples are prohibited from showing affection in public for reasons of tradition and decorum. These moments must be done in private, but for Meghan, it can also be done in public, so we have seen her on more than one occasion show affection with Prince Harry Meghan Markle.

5. Off Shoulders:

It is well known that royalty women cannot show any part of their body, but this did not prevent Meghan Markle from arriving at Trooping The Color – which is part of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebrations –   with a shoulder-length look discovered, it was not the first time and apparently not the last.

6.Selfies And Autographs:

Prince Harry Meghan Markle autograph

Something that is not allowed to any member of British royalty is to take selfies with fans and much less give autographs. The latter for security reasons, as they do so to avoid falsifying their signatures. But this has not mattered to Prince Harry Meghan Markle, who has done both.

7. She Dresses In Black And Paints Her Nails

Only rarely do royalty dress in black, as it is a color they mostly use for funerals. But Meghan does not seem to care and has made it her favorite color, so her closet has a large majority of pieces of this color. In addition, royalty women are also not allowed to paint their nails and Meghan has done so on more than one occasion.

8. You Do Not Need Help

Meghan does not seem to mind the good customs of royalty and so when it comes to getting out of the car and closing the door, she can do it alone. Not so the other royals who let their assistants do it.

9. Cross Your Legs

It is frowned upon that royalty women cross their legs in any public event, but for Meghan, this is not important and has even done so in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

10. Travel pregnant

Royalty women are forbidden to travel while pregnant, something that Meghan has broken on more than one occasion with her trips to Oceania and New York, among others.

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