How To Stop Biting Nails

How To Stop Biting Nails

Onychophagia or more commonly known as the compulsive habit of biting nails is a very common practice in society. Whether it is due to nerves, stress, boredom, anxiety or simply out of habit since childhood, many people bite their nails.

Not only does this habit make nails look unsightly, but it can also lead to certain health problems. Teeth wear and enamel breakdown can occur, but in addition, ulcers can appear on the gums, caused by the spikes of the nails when biting them. And, of course, different wounds are produced on hands and fingers that can become infected in their contact with different bacteria. All germs and viruses enter the mouth through the fingers and make it more vulnerable to catching any infection.

Many homemade tips are offered to stop biting your nails:

  • Put plasters on your fingers to avoid having them uncovered.
  • Find a habit to replace nail-bitingly.
  • Keep your mouth busy with gum, lollipops or lollipops, among others.

But there are also chemical inhibitors, with a format similar to that of a nail polish applied to the nails and taste bad. The problem is that many people get used to that bad taste and keep biting their nails.

Among the tips to abandon this vice, enter nail polish and the construction of artificial nails :

Nail Polish

A person who has a bad habit of biting his nails is used to not looking attractive. Before opting for the construction of artificial nails, you can try to polish the nails with a different tone from the colour of the same or make some decoration. It will be more difficult to bite your nails when they are perfectly polished.

Acrylic Nails, The Most Recommended Technique For Bitten Nails

Acrylic nails are the technique in which more women rely to stop nail-biting. And it is that this technique is considered one of the most used treatments for the reconstruction of bitten nails thanks to the hardness of its final finish. They are made by mixing two different components: acrylic powder (polymer) and acrylic liquid (monomer) that create a rubbery structure that, when it comes into contact with the natural nail, heats up, forming a structure similar to the nail. After approximately three minutes, it cools down, and it will be time to file it down to achieve the desired length.

It is ideal for advising your clients of this technique since while they are wearing an acrylic nail manicure, their natural nails grow little by little without realizing it. When they decide to remove the artificial nail, they see their nail much more beautiful than before.

Still don’t know how to make acrylic nails for bitten nails? We leave you a series of instructions that will be very useful to do them perfectly.

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