Professional Treatments For Post-Depilation

Professional Treatments: Removing body hair is a task that requires time and patience. There are many people who decide to go to beauty centers or beauty salons to wax any part of the body. Depending on how your client is or the objective she pursues, she will demand one hair removal technique or another. In some cases, it will be you, as an aesthetic professional, who advises which technique will be the most effective.

There are numerous hair removal techniques: the famous razor or electric machine shave, tweezers (normally used on the face or to remove some hair that has not come out with another technique), depilatory creams or lotions, wax, laser, photo epilation, etc. Although it is clear that a client will not come to your beauty salon to demand a shave, right?



Waxing is one of the most common hair removal techniques. Professional Treatments You can use hot , warm or cold wax . If your client has venous insufficiency or varicose veins, it is better not to use hot wax. If you opt for client wax, try not to heat the wax too much, you can cause burns or irritate your client’s skin. Do not apply it to areas that are previously damaged (wounds, burns, cuts…) or use many layers in the same area. You can also use the technique of depilation with warm or cold wax , the result is slightly less effective since the pores do not dilate with the heat, the hair can be cut. Remember to warn your client that it is slightly more painful than the hot one if she has never tried it.

Before performing a wax depilation, you always have to make sure that your client’s skin is pristine and if not, clean and dry the surface with alcohol, talcum powder or a tonic. It would also be good if you check that your client does not have intolerance to the product, for this you can try applying the wax on the inner side of the forearm and if we see that it turns red, quickly remove it with warm water.

If you have clients with more rebellious hair and who suffer a lot in the session, recommend that they perform a body peel just the day before waxing. Professional Treatments This eliminates dead skin cells and prepares the pore perfectly for more effective and less painful hair removal.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Hair removal with pulsed light or photo epilation is a system that applies pulses of polychromatic light through a xenon lamp to make the hair disappear.

Laser Depilation

The device emits a monochromatic light to a smaller group of hair follicles and ends up destroying the root.

In both pulsed light hair removal and laser hair removal, the skin must be previously cleaned and toned. Then shave the area on which we will work so that the hair removal is more effective and safe. If your client has freckles, moles or wounds, you will paint them with a white pencil to protect them from light. Finally, you can choose whether to use a layer of glycerin to slide the handle or do it directly on the skin. And before you start waxing, make sure that both you and your client are wearing light-protective glasses.

Electric Depilation

With this technique we destroy the area of ​​the hair follicles where the germinative cells are found with the intention of completely eliminating the hair and preventing it from reappearing again. In this technique it is very necessary to take all safety and hygiene measures so that there are no infections between you and your client or between clients. Therefore, it is advisable to use sterile gloves and masks. One of the post-depilatory recommendations for this type of hair removal is not to use makeup products on the affected areas. It is also important to find out about the person’s situation before treatment, since if the patient has any type of prosthesis or metal element, it can hinder hair removal and harm their health.

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