One Kilo Less Per Week

One Kilo Less Per Week If You Eliminate This Food From Your Diet

One Kilo Less Per Week You will be able to lose up to five kilos in a month with a simple gesture

It is true that starting to lose those extra kilos is a difficult and tedious routine, especially for those who have never been on a diet or who hardly exercise. But something has to be done, there is no other choice after the kilos we have gained on vacation throwing ourselves off the plate and breaking the balance of our microbiota .

There are a number of foods that help us lose weight in a healthy and effective way , losing fat and gaining muscle , just as there are other foods that we must banish from our diet in order to lose weight safely and in a lasting way, that is, without coming back. One Kilo Less Per Week to win it in less than the crowing of a rooster. Take a good look at what you eat and drink and try not to succumb to the excesses of Christmas. If you can’t, try to get back in shape as soon as possible by incorporating healthy habits .

Also, you should keep in mind that  exercising is just as important as eating well .One Kilo Less Per Week  It is the best complement to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

However, when starting a healthy routine  there is only one food that you must remove from your diet in order to achieve optimal results.

Do you know what it can be?

Goodbye Sugar

It’s about the sugar. By banishing this product from your diet you will be able to lose up to five kilos in a single month .

What foods are the main ones you should eliminate? Sugary drinks, pastries, industrial products. Taking care of food in the most important meals of the day  such as breakfast translates into surprising results in the short term.

It  is also very important to be clear that you have to forget about alcohol. These types of drinks are, together with soft drinks, the most fattening, and they can also lead to health problems. Beer, believe it or not, is one of the least fattening and cocktails or long drinks the most. So if you have a social gathering and you must drink alcohol, let it be beer, please.

It  is also essential to get away from those “pleasures” for many such as pastries, chocolate palm trees  and other sweets that, however tasty they may be, will only make us gain kilos.

But you don’t have to give up sweets . Don’t think about artificial sweeteners, no. Incorporate more whole natural fruit into your diet .

Most fruits have high concentrations of sugar, but by eating them whole, not in juices or syrup, your body manages to metabolize them slowly, in such a way that they help you not gain weight and take away that desire to eat something sweet

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