Self-Tanner - Tricks To Get a Natural Tan

Self-Tanner – Tricks To Get A Natural Tan

Self-Tanner : A guide that advises on how to apply the product to avoid stains and imperfections. Here’s which one to choose depending on your skin

The long-awaited moment of sea and holidays is getting closer and closer. Getting prepared on the beach, immediately showing off an enviable tan is possible: thanks to self-tanning products, obtaining a natural and golden result is very easy and affordable.

In addition, they can be a very valuable help for all those who, due to very fair skin, cannot get tanned or burn easily.

If used appropriately and without fear, these products will allow you to show off a perfect and natural tan, without any need to expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun.

So here are all the tips for choosing the self-tanning product best for your skin, and most importantly, the tricks to apply it perfectly!

How Does It Work

Self-tanners trigger a reaction between the proteins of the stratum corneum of the skin and the Dha molecules contained in the cosmetic product: dihydroxyacetone (Dha) is a substance naturally present also in our body which, by binding to the keratin cells, causes a change in color of the skin, making them take on the familiar golden tone.

Furthermore, DHA has been subjected to different researches from which no toxic effects for the skin have emerged, even if it is always advisable to use caution as for any cosmetic product.

How To Choose The Right Self-Tanner

First of all, you can choose between different types of products :

  • cream
  • milk
  • spray
  • gel

Self-tanning creams and milk are the most nourishing products and indicated if you have dry skin, even if they are more complicated to apply and take longer to dry, while the gel is preferable for oily skin. The spray is ideal if you have little time, while for the face, choose a self-tanning cream, preferably progressive: you can thus correct the shot as your skin takes on the desired color.

As for the color to prefer, always check the quantity of DHA present in the product: if you have very light skin, prefer a self-tanner containing 3% (or less), over 5% instead, if you are already dark and want to give more grit to the tan. 

How To Apply Self-Tanner

First of all, once you have purchased the product, always read the instructions for use on the package carefully.

Before applying the self-tanner, it is good to prepare the skin to allow the product to adhere better and obtain the most natural effect. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells at least a week before application and then deeply hydrate it. Then, do a gentle, oil-free scrub twenty-four hours before the self-tanner, so your skin has time to restore its thin hydrolipid layer.

The color you will get also depends on your skin’s pH: to stabilize it, before applying the product, take a shower with a neutral pH.

To perfectly apply the self-tanner on the face, it is necessary to perform circular movements that deeply penetrate the product. Start with the T-zone and then work your way up to your temples, moving upwards, never downwards. Blend the eye contour very well, and be careful not to overdo the amount of product. Don’t forget to go over your ears, chin and neck as well. 

To spread the self-tanning cream on the body, the same circular movements of the face are useful: start applying the self-tanner from the feet and ankles and up the legs, then move on to the upper body. The back will be the hardest part: better ask for help; otherwise, apply very little product at a time. Remember to always wear gloves, which make the application of the product more effective and avoid the formation of stains on the hands.

How To Keep The Effect Longer?

Usually, the self-tanner effect lasts from seven to ten days, after which you will have to apply the product again. Drink a lot and massage your skin daily with a moisturizer.

After applying the self-tanner, wait 24 hours before taking a bath or shower, avoiding rubbing the skin with a sponge.

Before proceeding with a new application of the product, I recommend that you take a shower, using a good exfoliator to remove all the residues of the previous application.

The Extra Tips

  • Always apply the product from the bottom up using large and circular movements for a supernatural effect.
  • When applying the self-tanner on your face, use little product and, if you use a spray, remember to apply it first on the glove and then proceed.
  • Wait at least 20 minutes (or the time indicated on the package) before putting your clothes back on: as a precaution, you can dab your body with a tissue before putting on your clothes.
  • Never pass the same area twice: if you are not satisfied, you can pass the product a second time, but always after waiting for the first application to dry.
  • Self-tanners are by no means a substitute for protective creams. If you decide to expose yourself to the sun, even in the presence of self-tanning products, you must never forget to apply protective filters against ultraviolet rays.

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