How To Remove Tan | Four Tricks To Bring Out Your Tan

Tanned, we feel more beautiful and confident, but unfortunately, the tan fades with the summer. Here are some tips to make it last and make it more visible even after the holidays

We are in holiday time: some have already given, those who are giving in this week of August 15th and those who will leave in the next month. Unplugging is good for everyone, and summer holidays are beautiful because, in addition to relaxing and letting that feeling of well-being and quiet shine on our face, they also leave another mark on our skin, tanning.

But to fully enjoy the tan, not only when we are at sea, but also in the city, follow some very simple style tips, focusing attention on it with colors and makeup.

Here are the tricks you need to know to make your tan stand out.

Get Your Fill Of Color.

Choosing the right dress can make a difference, even for the skin. Many bright colors highlight the tan, from classic white to bright colors such as yellow, red and super trendy coral, without neglecting the fluorescent colors.

Go ahead also for light and floral dresses and khaki fabric shorts, perfect on smooth and tanned legs. On the other hand, avoid colder colors and dark tones such as brown or burgundy.

Moisturizes The Skin

For the skin to be smooth and radiant, it is very important to moisturize it, perhaps with a specific oil.

Thanks to its texture, the oil has the merit of illuminating the epidermis and enhancing its complexion. In addition, some variants, such as walnut oil, also act as real natural dyes, capable of significantly intensifying the tan.

The extra touch? Choose an iridescent oil or a moisturizer with shimmering powders to spread on the body’s skin for an even more intense tanned by night.

Choose Makeup With Warm Shades.

As for makeup, opt for waterproof formulas if you are still on vacation, while moisturizing and light ones are more suitable in the city.

If the use of foundation on already colored skin is optional, eyeshadows and bronzer should not be forgotten. Focus on the eyeshadows capable of enhancing the brightness of the skin. In this sense, warm and metallic colors, such as gold, bronze or copper, are perfect. The nuance of the earth must be chosen according to one’s degree of tan: the rule is always valid not to overdo it with shades that are too dark and unnatural. Finally, for lip makeup, choose a pink or peach-colored glossy gloss.

Colored Manicure

If the color of the clothes can enhance that of the skin, so can the nail polish. Choose lively and colorful manicures: green light then to orange, white, yellow and electric blue. Even the more classic and delicate nude shades are perfect.

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