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4 Amazing Watch Brands to Keep Your Eye On

watch brands: With 3.8 billion people carrying around a smartphone today, there’s little need for a wristwatch.

So why, then, do people continue to covet luxury and vintage watch brands or bother to try on timepieces when out shopping? And what’s even more puzzling is the plethora of boutique watch brands hitting the market right now.

To answer those questions, we take a closer look at some of the most unusual, clever, and beautiful watchmakers around. Read on for a guide to your next best watches.

1. Swatch

The affordable quartz movement was invented in Japan in 1969, and this started a watch revolution. All of a sudden, wristwatches moved from the realm of luxury into the everyday.

In 1980s Switzerland, a passionate horologist called Nicholas Hayek jumped on the opportunity to found a custom watch brand. Swatch, with its combination of quartz operation and Swiss design brilliance, was born.

Early versions of these sported designs by famous artists like Keith Haring, Mimmo Paladino, and Kiki Picasso. These editions are rare today, selling for prices well into the tens of thousands.

It’s probably better to shop Swatch’s more affordable contemporary releases instead.

2. Seiko

Since its founding in Japan way back in 1881, Seiko has been a pioneering watchmaker. They have an enormous catalog of watches and clocks and a global reach rivaled by few other companies in the industry.

Okay, so this brand is definitely not new or up-and-coming. However, whether releasing new watches or recreating classics, Seiko always has its eye on the latest trends and conforms to the highest quality standards.

The place to get good deals on rare or new Seikos is online. Head to websites like H2HUB to compare prices and view coveted Seiko watch collections.

3. 22 Design

When it comes to cool watches, 22 Design has the niche covered.
You probably never thought you’d wear concrete on your wrist. But Taiwan-based brand 22 Design has invented a concrete watch you’d be proud to sport on a night out.

Their pioneering 4th Dimension collection is inspired by architecture, with each face featuring a variation on their signature staircase design.

Timepieces are available in the original large men’s dress watches. More recently, the brand has released smaller women’s watches with cute series names like Teatime.

3. Magrette

If you’re looking to buy a watch for sport, consider New Zealand-born boutique brand Magrette. The company was founded by Dion Wynyard McAsey, who got into horology when he was just eight years old.

Tired of working for an agency and working on other people’s brands, he used his design training to launch Magrette. McAsey hails from Auckland, an ocean-side city, so it’s no wonder his company focuses on watches for sailing and diving.

Amazingly, every bezel features hand-engraved designs based on traditional artwork typical to Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Watch Brands With a Passion For Horology

Boutique watch brands offer a wearer or collector uniqueness and a high standard of manufacturing quality. Many come with longtime or even lifetime warranties.

Whether you need a watch for sport, work, or fashion, we hope we’ve inspired you to look outside the traditional watch companies when the time comes to buy a new timepiece.

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