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Best Models And Brands Of White Sneakers For Men

White sneakers or “tennis” are among those pieces that never go out of fashion, those that despite the times have endured. Since its hatching, in the 50s it has crossed the ages without aging and remains a sure value in terms of style. Indeed, white tennis blends into all outfits and lends itself to all occasions. As such, we wanted to report what can be found on the market today by presenting in a large comparison, 10 pairs selected and rated according to specific criteria by an exceptional committee. Here is our comparison of 10 white sneakers for men.


If sneakers, or tennis or shoes used for the practice of any sport remained a long time dedicated to putting on the man when he lent himself to a physical activity, it was in the 1950s that they began to use them outside. sports background. It is also linked to the media coverage of sports which acquired their popularity at that time such as tennis or basketball. Thus, seeing that the athletes were becoming real models for the populations, the manufacturers affixed their logo on the sneakers that we saw on television and included the athletes in the process of manufacturing the shoes that they were going to wear.

White Basketball

In the preamble to this comparison, it seems important to us to detail certain points making the quality of the white sneakers that we wear. As you will see, manners in terms of manufacturing and consumer requirements have changed considerably over time. At the same time, the market has seen the birth of many new brands offering a superior product thanks to high production requirements. So, how do you recognize good basketball today?

The Leather

White Sneakers Leather

A sneaker as sporty as it is is above all a type of shoe made of leather. It is therefore the material which is found most in abundance and it has a very particular importance as for the general rendering of the product. Thus, knowing how to recognize good leather is essential when you want to be vigilant about the quality of your white sneakers. How is its grain? Isn’t its appearance too synthetic? Is it too bright? Does it smell good? Is he likely to score? These are all questions that will need to be asked at the time of purchase. Its origin, the type of animal from which it comes will also be important.

The Sole

White Sneakers sole

Any shoe is made of a sole (otherwise we would walk barefoot). While the democratization of white sneakers for a long time meant that people were not concerned about the quality of their soles, a new class of consumers and designers sought to upgrade their products in the second half of the 2000s. for a formal shoe, there are today different qualities of sole. The most famous of them is undoubtedly a model from Margom, an Italian manufacturer specializing in the molding and working of rubber which has managed to develop a durable and aesthetically minimalist product. Today, most of the brands offering high-end sneakers equip their products with Margom soles, although some exceptions exist.


white sneakers Finishes

When you wear a wool sweater, you generally don’t like having threads sticking out everywhere. The same goes for sneakers and their finishes. Indeed, stitches of sharp, regular and tight stitching, well-cut leather cuts without burrs, a sewn sole and careful details inherent in each brand are taken into account in the purchase of any pair whatsoever . The level of finishes will depend in part on the place of manufacture of thewhite sneakers and may also justify a higher price.


white sneakers Shoelaces

This may seem obvious, but it should be emphasized that laces have an important part in the final rendering of white sneakers. Generally, high-end models prefer waxed cotton laces, giving them a certain rigidity and this aspect with slightly shiny reflections. But beware, they will not be able to adapt to all styles. The thickness will also be an important element on this point.

Our Comparison

For the goods of this subject, we have selected various pairs of white sneakers by varying styles, brands and price range in order to have a reflection of what can be found on the market. Also, for the sake of uniformity, we have only selected leather models. Because most ready-to-wear brands try it, it was obviously impossible to get them all. So we had to make choices and do without certain models. For each pair, a committee of 4 experts was assembled to determine notes on the finish of the models and their comfort. So we got an overall average for each. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter with our 10 models of white sneakers that have passed the test bench.


It was impossible to dare to tackle such a subject without including in it the ” king ” of white basketball, the one to whom all the other models owe something. Of course, it’s Stan Smith we’re talking about here. Strengthened by its release in 2014, this model is now at the feet of most people wearing white sneakers. The upper is made of leather and mounted in glue on a rubber sole. On the sides, we find the famous perforations imagining the three bands of the brand. In the heel, the leather yoke with the Adidas logo is generally colored, but we have chosen a very white version. We nevertheless find all the characteristics of the classic model. Finally, the interior is lined and padded with textile for better wearing comfort.

Adidas white shoes

Overall, the design of the Stan Smith is inimitable and serves as a reference for many models of white sneakers. It has almost become a generic! For its leather, Adidas used fairly flexible skins of medium quality with relatively fine grain. All the finishes are pretty well done, apart from the sole all along which there are some glue residues. Finally, if at the comfort level, the Stan Smith remains unequaled (it is a real slipper), visually, it quickly seems clumsy on the big feet (tested in size 45)

Tested model: Stan Smith

Price: $60 at Adidas

Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato is one of these new brands specializing in basketball. Their credo: to offer designer products in an affordable luxury niche with average prices around € 150. Their range is quite large and there are multiple colors. The Clean 90 was chosen for this test with its very minimalist design. Indeed, difficult to find a model with so few details, which in a sense is a quality. For the upper, Axel Arigato chose a smooth, immaculate white calfskin and sealed with the golden brand logo on the outside of each foot. At the heel, there is a neat leather reinforcement, always in tone on tone. Inside, a padded upturned leather lining was chosen for this model.

Axel Arigato Clean 90s

Nowadays, getting out of such minimalist products is a sure bet with amateurs. This Clean 90 seems to have been designed to visually throw away with its fine-grained and slightly shiny leather. While browsing the model of the eyes, nothing exceeds either the level of the different seams of the upper or those of the sole. In this regard, Axel Arigato bought from Margom, like most brands offering luxury white sneakers, because their products have proven their level of longevity and comfort. Besides, once on your feet, you still have to “break” them to feel comfortable, but beware, unlike others, the brand’s products are not designed for sport. Finally, the presence of waxed laces rather than classic would have been desired given the price.

Tested model: Clean 90s

Price: $265 at  Shopbop


After a few years of waiting, the king of formal shoes with declining prices has finally launched into basketball. In fact, Bexley has released for the start of the 2015 school year its Inglewood model. It is a pair at first sight respecting all the codes of the classics of the genre. Thus, we see it carried out in a fairly simple way, in white cowhide with regular grain and finished with a yoke in brown turned leather at the heel. To tell the truth, Bexley has affixed to this Inglewood all the ingredients making the success of its formal models: simplicity, manufacturing quality and choice of materials.

bexley inglewood

Indeed, this sneaker is displayed in all simplicity with its fine and slender silhouette. What is remarkable is above all that with its know-how, the brand manages to offer a product with a sewn sole at such a price, distinguishing itself from its direct competitors. For the rest, there is an average level of finish compared to the rest of the models tested, with leather cuts not completely clear but stitching well executed. The sole is perfectly mounted. On your feet, you feel comfortable from the first fitting and the white sneakers look great. Too bad the laces were chosen so basic and so thick. It is certainly not the dreamed pair, but a basket with the sole sewn and produced in Portugal offered at this price, difficult to do better.

Tested model: Inglewood

Price: €89.00 at Bexley


Buttero is an Italian family brand created in 1974 in Tuscany by Mauro Sani. Positioned at the top of the range, their products enjoy a certain reputation among lovers of beautiful white sneakers for their quality manufacturing and the inimitable style of the brand. Because yes, this is the main reason why we are going to Buttero, this authentic and contemporary side at the same time. Besides the first time that we see one of their sneakers with his own eyes, impossible not to be conquered. The Tanino we had in our hands and their bestseller which they decline each season in new colors. It does not take very long to see that the artisans of their factories in Florence are doing real goldsmith work.

Buttero Tanino

At first glance, the Tanino seems like straight out of a wax museum. This is more the conclusion of a whole rather than due to a particular characteristic. The leather used by Buttero is almost in its natural state, it is thick, moderately rigid and finished in a matt white, then contrasted by the use of a cream sole, again from Margom. Furthermore, note that in certain crucial places connecting certain sections of leather to the latter, there is play although it remains perfectly sewn. Another particularity are these leather laces similar to those of boat shoes, adorned with golden eyelets and descending very low on the toes, giving this very atypical shape that is found on most of their models. While their shape may seem flat,

Tested model: Tanino

Price: $176 at Farfetch

Common Projects

In 2004, two friends living in New York, Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat, created a brand under the name of Common Projects. Basically, having no precise idea on the turn that their common adventure would take, he expresses above all the desire to start a project around their passion for art. Little by little, they turn to a whole different world with the aim of making the shoes they had hitherto dreamed of. This brand of white sneakers will thus be born, which will quickly become one of the favorites of amateurs for its minimalist style, its manufacture respecting very high-end standards and its image of luxury. Handmade in Italy in the best leathers, Common Projects products will be the first to showcase the durability of the famous Margom soles.

Common Projects Achilles

The Achilles model is the history of the brand and remains their best seller.nowadays. As such, it had to appear in this comparison. Given its popularity, one could almost say that its shape has become as generic as that of a Stan Smith, mythical model from which it is inspired at the base. In fact, the Achilles is the basis for many brands that are launching into a high-end basketball niche. The reasons are above all its flawless construction. The leather used is smooth, flexible, with a fairly fine grain, but does not mark excessively from the first wear. The sole is meticulously sewn by hand, without anything sticking out, and the interior lined with upturned leather for better comfort. This sneaker is then embellished with luxurious details: waxed cotton laces, the famous golden serial number on the outside of the heel, and a sleek style as desired. Once at the feet, we feel that we could put them with anything and that they would combine without false notes. The only snag is the footwear, a little too rigid, deserving to spend two / three good days of suffering, and of course the prohibitive price desired by the creators. For the rest, the Achilles has become a timeless classic that can easily be kept for several years (mine are now three years old, and are still in good condition!)

Tested model: Achilles

Price: $416 at Lyst

M Studio

Launched in 2015, any brand favoring collections centered around basic pieces must offer a white basketball model. This year, M Studio has therefore taken the plunge by releasing its Ronan model with the key word “refined”. Indeed, the first impression left by this pair is its very “whiter than white” side. The brand chose an Italian leather with a rather shiny appearance with classic cotton laces. There are thus only a few details on the upper which does not include eyelets and only a few seams at the laces, ankles and a heel yoke dress this model.

Ronan model

The level of finish remains correct with this sewn sole and an interior lined with leather and padded at the ankles for more comfort. Besides, their shape, which may seem too slender at first glance, turns out to be rather pleasant once the shoes are on. The footwear is slightly rigid, even despite the choice of a rather flexible leather but the basket gains in comfort with each wearing

Tested model: Ronan

Price: $139 

National Standard

Since its creation in 2010, the French brand National Standard seems to have definitely settled in the landscape of names of the high-end sneaker. The keys to its success: offering quality manufacturing products in a minimalist style and at prices bordering on luxury. Among the many models offered by National Standard, we set our sights on the Edition 3 and its stretch reported “cap toe” similar to what we find on a brogue. It is also its major distinctive sign in terms of form, giving it this visually very rounded side and dressing a stem that could have been too refined. For the rest, the brand has chosen to display its logo on the tongue and at the heel in a silver finish for a model without eyelets.

National Standard Edition 3

The interior of this Edition 3 is finished in a classic way in this price range, lined in leather and reinforced with leather turned over at the heel and tongue. Level standard, National Standard trusted Margom products and their pledge of quality now proven. It is therefore sewn in the brand’s workshop in Portugal. Generally, the finishes of this sneaker are perfect: crisp and tight stitching, thick leather with very beautiful grain, everything stays in place and nothing sticks out! This impression of quality is all the more amplified when wearing the pair. Indeed, their shape is one of my favorites of the series and the model is very comfortable, so that we could wear them all day long from the first time. It is a must-have

Tested model: Edition 3

Price: $197 at Shopstyle


If Adidas has its famous Stan Smith, Nike also has in its ranks a pair of tennis worthy of the name. This model is Tennis Classic AC, inspired by tennis shoes from the 60s, and it has nothing to envy to its competitors. If it is usually recognizable by its colored yoke on the heel, we have selected it in its 100% white color. The model nevertheless retains all its original characteristics: a leather upper with a fairly thick grain, a textured sole with reinforcement at the toes, and a mesh tongue. Only the laces differ, chosen from this very fine, synthetic and two-tone fabric. Overall, the model looks quite atypical compared to what is usually found at Nike, in the sense that it is much more minimalist.

Nike Classic AC

When you get closer, you can see all the finishes of this Tennis Classic AC. Everything seems to be in place at the seams, whether decorative or useful for the structure of the shoe. Where the shoe pinches is all along the sole. Indeed, we see here appear traces of glues that overflowed during assembly. For the rest, the model asserts its style level character and remains characteristic of the brand. At the feet, it is really very comfortable and we appreciate its lightness as well as its fairly fine shape.

Tested model: Tennis Classic AC

Price: $90 Myntra 


If you have been following us for some time, you know how much we appreciate Piola products and especially their Ica basket, to the point of having offered it as a limited edition in 2014. If the model was already very qualitative, the brand wanted to move upmarket and slightly modify its characteristics over time. Among the many colors available, they present this essential in white version. At first glance, the Ica has a very rounded tip and a more casual style, where others bet on the minimalism card. It presents this off-white sole contrasting with the rest and giving it a certain character. For the rest, the Ica uses the recipe that made it successful: waxed laces, sole stitched in wild rubber from Amazonia, logo engraved on the heel and tongue for a manufacture in Portugal.

Piola ICA

By browsing it, this Ica offers finishes that match its price. Indeed, the cuts, seams and other finishing points are perfectly made, then the sole is mounted properly. Note that the interior is not lined, but that the brand has chosen a white leather rather flexible and fine and regular grain. You can feel it when you wear it and you immediately feel like you’re in a slipper. Once at the feet, their shape seems much less rounded. To tell the truth, it’s one of my favorites!

Tested model: Ica

Price: $182 at HBX


Here is another classic that absolutely had to be included in this comparison: the Reebok NPC II, better known as the Reebok Classic. Released in the 80s as a multisport shoe, it quickly became one of the favorite models of sneaker lovers and is now one of the great classics of white basketball. On paper, it has everything to please with its very rounded design, its characteristic sole and its logo embroidered on the upper. For its making, Reebok chooses a smooth leather, thick cotton laces and a mesh tongue. The interior is seen lined with canvas and padded around the ankle for comfort and support of the foot.

Reebok Classic

When we get closer, we can see that this NPC II has nothing to envy to its competitors. Its sole although decorated with decorative stitching remains glued, but the finishes are clean. The leather looks good but seems to mark quickly. Reebok has taken care of the essentials with perfectly executed seams. From a general point of view, the model may have a little too many signs and logos, especially since they are chosen in color, but that is part of its style at the bottom. The feet are super comfortable thanks to the multiple padding. The shape is slightly too clumsy for our taste (all the more when we have big feet), an element reinforced by the certain weight of this model.

Tested model: Classic

Price: $70 at Reebok


Zespa is a French brand existing since 2009, however their first collection of  sneakers only appeared for the year 2015. And the three Aix designers wanted to do things well by focusing on high-end. In particular with their flagship model, the ZSP4 which they offer in many colors, including a majority of white with various variations. For all the manufacturing is carried out in France, something rather rare justifying a little more their presence in this comparison. The ZSP4 is not entirely white but rather “broken” and comes in a classic form with a completely rounded tip. Its peculiarity of major style is undoubtedly the tongue chosen in viper with a reminder in the heel, giving this model its luxurious and refined side. The interior is lined in leather with an inverted yoke throughout the heel. Finally, the sole is sewn by hand.

Zespa ZSP4

This is obvious, the Zespas are indeed luxury white sneakers and you can see it when you look around them. The finishes are of high quality and we see no thread protruding from the assembly, nor any poorly executed cutting. The leather chosen by the brand is also up to par, it is thin and rigid with a superb appearance. If Buttero does a goldsmith’s work, that of Zespa is more finesse, more concrete and goes to the essentials while adding an original touch. On the feet, this generic form, once again, shows extreme efficiency, without making any fuss, but it turns out that the footwear is very rigid and that it will take several ports to feel comfortable there. a whole day.

Tested model: ZSP4

Price: $118.00 at Amazon

How To Clean White Sneakers?

To extend the life of your white sneakers , then it is imperative to take good care of them. Washing the white sneakers is essential but think twice before going through the washing machine. Indeed the washing machine can clean at first sight but the process will especially damage your shoes especially those in leather

For leather white sneakers , the washing machine will damage the leather by soaking it in water, it will crack more easily as soon as you use your shoes. In addition, some parts are sewn and others are glued, the addition of water in large quantities may weaken the glue.

For very dirty canvas sneakers . Machine washing can be effective, but keep in mind to remove the laces, to wash cold and on a slow cycle (delicate program).

It is recommended to wash your white sneakers in priority by hand, it is certainly longer but it thus avoids damaging the shoes. Here is a 4 step program for hand washing sneakers.

How To Clean White Sneakers

Wash Your White Sneakers By Hand In 6 Steps:

  1. Remove the laces and wash them in the machine. Be careful only the laces and not the whole shoes.
  2. Erase stains . Use a Mr. Clean magic sponge. Generally used to wash walls, the magic sponge is super effective in making the soles very white and removing large stains.
  3. Brush to dust with a used toothbrush or a small soft bristle brush. Use lukewarm water and surgras soap to remove dust and most of the dirt.
  4. Let dry naturally (no dryer)
  5. Shampoo the sneakers . With a shampoo for sneakers, lather by rubbing the shoes for several minutes. Use the applicator pad or soft cloth to apply well.
  6. Wipe with a chamois cloth to remove any moisture. Finally let it dry naturally and admire the result .


It seemed essential to us to end this comparison with a summary of the models presented from their notes in a synthetic table. We have also added an average to give you a clearer clue about the different models and allow you to sort them in order


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