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The 10 Celebrities With The Most Followers On Instagram

Followers On Instagram article,Instagram has become in just 7 years the social network preferred by the youngest . A study indicates that they spend more than 3 hours a day on the Internet, of which at least 2 are occupied by the use of networks. However, it is surprising that, according to another study carried out by the agencies We Are Social and Hootsuite, the  ranking  of the most used social networks in the world is led by Facebook, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp and ranking number 6  Instagram .

Networks have allowed us, among many other things, to be closer to those celebrities who gladly share their personal and professional lives, which is very pleasant for users. A separate mention deserves the  influencers , who are dedicated by and for their loyal followers, because their work depends on them. Not perhaps with the same intensity, but something like this happens with the celebs , who positively value the delivery of their fans and decide, at least, to keep them up to date with their news.

For a couple of years, the top 20 has been more or less balanced as long as it is occupied by them with some modification than others. Selena Gomez , after several disputes for her position No. 1, has lost the desired position , and everything indicates that the place will change hands in a very short time. Below are the top 10 famous actors who have the most popular accounts of the year, from the ones that still hold the top spots to the ones that are new to the list this year.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: +196 million

Cristiano Ronaldo instagram

Ronaldo has a solid year uploading photos daily. Furthermore, it does not follow any established pattern. So we can see him training, as well as posing without a shirt or even as a family. The footballer opens his life wide for us through his Followers On Instagram account and since his family is large and lives in Italy, his followers double.

2. Dwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock’: +167 Million

Dwayne Johnson Instagram

Who was considered the sexiest man in the world in 2016, according to People magazine , is a star on Instagram. The actor entertains us with his funny and motivational videos as well as keeps us up to date with his most outstanding news.

3. Selena Gomez: +165 million

Selena Gomez Instagram

For a young star who historically has had a difficult past with social media – due to her absences for mental health reasons – Selena Gomez has maintained the most faithful stream of followers on Instagram.

4. Kim Kardashian: +156 million

Kim Kardashian instagram

These days, among the typical sexy photos (one taken specifically by her son North West), photos of the Kardashian clan also abound, in addition to other sweeter ones from her family with Kanye, Saint, North West and their newborn daughter Chicago .

5. Kylie Jenner: +156 million

Kylie Jenner instagram

It has already been an intense year for Kylie. After keeping her  pregnancy a secret for nine months, the 20-year-old welcomed her daughter Stormi Webster to the world with her boyfriend Travis Scott on February 1. We can only hope for more baby photos.

6. Lionel Messi: +140 million

Lionel Messi Instagram

The Argentine soccer player is hot on Kendall’s heels, as his followers rise like foam. Despite the abundant presence of images around his profession, from time to time he also delights us with his most familiar side with tender photos of his children and his wife.

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7. Beyoncé: +137 million

Beyoncé on instagram

Her pregnancy session threatened to break the Internet when he first revealed she was  pregnant with twins last year, and still harassing us with their shooting fashion, memories and moments fashion Grammy with her husband Jay Z .

8. Neymar: +131 million

Neymar instagram

The 26-year-old professional soccer player made his professional debut at 17, and now plays as a forward for the Brazilian national team. Between his shirtless snow selfies , professional photos in the field, and other incredibly beautiful photos with his family, it’s easy to see why so many people want to follow his every move.

9. Taylor Swift: +125 million

Taylor Swift instagram

She maintains a notorious presence in the networks since always, but still strengthens herself breaking with more than 100 million followers on Instagram after the release of her latest album, Reputation .

10. Justin Bieber: +124 million

Justin Bieber instagram

From his hugging campaign last year to his most esoteric legends, the Justin Bieber mystery continues to evolve and people can’t stop watching it. This year, the pop star entered the top 10 with the most followers on Instagram, and it is not surprising, since so much love affair with Selena Gomez continues to confuse us and we need to keep track of them to discover the final outcome.


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