Custom Sublimation Mugs

Custom Sublimation Mugs: The Advantages

In the to print section of our website dedicated to printing personalized mugs, you can choose from several options. There are in fact different types of “customized mugs”, of different shapes, economic or more valuable, of the most different materials. And then there are the custom sublimated mugs . But what distinguishes this mug with logo or design from other standard personalized mugs? And what are the advantages of this particular type of printing? Let’s find out together!

What are sublimation mugs

Looking at the preview images on our e-commerce for printing promotional items, the sublimation mugs would look the same as any other. White, with their handle, sometimes with the inside of a different colour. But be careful: once printed, the sublimation mugs will have many advantages, in terms of the duration of the print and its quality. But what is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing

When one thinks of the printing of promotional gadgets one imagines a classic printing process, with the image that is imprinted directly on the item to be personalized. That’s not always the case. In the case of sublimation, for example, the personalized image, starting from the file created by the customer or by a graphic designer, is first of all written on a special paper, on a special support. After that, this support is placed on the cup, so as to imprint the image permanently and perfectly, using a thermal process. But what advantages can this “complicated” process ensure?

The advantages of sublimation printing of personalized mugs

Thanks to sublimation printing, the colors are not “placed” on the surface. No, thanks to the thermal process, the colors become part of the cup itself, thus guaranteeing a very long resistance to the printed images. And certainly, when it comes to personalized mugs, this is what you need, in order to have personalized cups with clear and vivid images even after many washing cycles. As you can guess, sublimation printing is not possible on any type of material: for this reason most sublimation mugs are made with ceramic, which reacts particularly well to this chemical process.

In this way you will have promotional mugs with your graphics, resistant not only to washing in the dishwasher or by hand, but also to scratches. With sublimation printing you can customize the mugs with logos, writings, patterns and even photographs: there are no limits to your imagination!

Look for the model that most convinces you, and order the print!

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