How To Get Healthy, Summery Hair With Organic Styling?

In summer, hair care becomes a much more onerous routine, especially when the hair is frizzy or lacks a defined texture. Comb and tumble dry or flat irons are uphill. Have you ever thought about getting an organic style and getting perfect hair almost effortlessly?

This technique is back in fashion because it allows you to obtain a more summery hair and respects the health of your hair. Do you want to know more about this trend, its benefits and its treatments? From ismartfashions, we tell you.

Organic Molding: A Fashion That Combines Style, Comfort And Health

Modeling is a technique that provides a natural-looking, defined, elegant and comfortable curl. After the great success it had in the 80s and 90s with the perm, now it is back in fashion also thanks to the great improvement of the products used.

In fact, many women have given up on this type of style for fear of damaging their hair. Today, organic modelers work safely because thioglycolic acid (TGA), ammonia, parabens, and fragrances have been removed from the formulas.

To carry out the molding, the use of known rollers is maintained, which in this case are larger and only organic products are applied. On short or medium hair and taking care of the hair, the hairstyle can last from five to six months.

If you’ve never dared to style your hair, now is the time to give your hair a summery look with fluffy waves. In addition, this hairstyle allows you to gain comfort and practicality: you will only need a few finishing products and then let it air dry.

In this way we achieve a contemporary and relaxed look, perfect for the summer season and for areas with high humidity. In addition, it is very suitable for people with fine or low-density hair on the crown, since it increases the volume and the feeling of leaves.

Care To Maintain A Healthy Curl After An Organic Hairstyle

It is true that curly hair does not require a lot of styling, but it does require regular care and quality products! Hydration is essential as it helps to show off smoother and softer curls. In fact, having dry hair after styling is counterproductive.

Before performing the technique itself, it is also advisable to have the healthiest hair possible, a healthy base will ensure a much more natural look and your hair will not be affected. Subsequently, a specific care will be necessary for its restoration, as it should be done whenever the shape or color of the hair is artificially altered.

Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

After each bath in the sea or in the pool, you should take a shower to remove the traces of salt and chlorine as quickly as possible.

After taking a bath, you should dry your hair with a towel, but without rubbing, with small touches, otherwise the water acts like a magnifying glass and intensifies the effect of the sun on the hair.

For the summer it is better to change our usual shampoo for a frequently used one, because every day or almost every day we wash our hair and it can ruin it.

Conditioner, masks and oils will become our best companions for the summer. Apply them frequently to the tips to repair damage and protect them from the sun and water.

If you want to style your hair this summer and style it, both straight and with surf waves, bet on the new Philips NutriWonder straightening iron, which nourishes, adds shine and cares for your hair in every stroke because its plates contain avocado oil. , camellia and argan to keep it silky and smooth even in summer.

Have you noticed that running water has more lime in your hair than in your house? If you are very careful with your hair, you can do the last rinse with mineral water to remove the lime residue.

In the summer, go natural, for soft tones, for highlights instead of highlights, or even to do without the dye and let the sun shine on some lighter strands. The products we use on the hair are an additional aggression during the summer.


With these tips, your hair will be more beautiful than ever in summer, you just need to take care of it a little more so that it does not suffer.

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