Sitting Position.

Sitting Position At The Desk: That’s What Matters

sitting position: Whether in the office or in the home office, the number of people working on computers is increasing. You sit for many hours and keep your eyes focused on the screen. This can lead to long-term health problems . These complaints can range from muscle tension to cardiovascular disease.

An important factor here is the lack of movement that comes with sitting. With a few small changes you can make your working day healthier. You can set up your work station in a targeted manner to reduce the stress on your body during this time.

This article explains how you can benefit from a healthy sitting posture . Working at the desk can be relaxed without endangering your health. Important factors here are the correct sitting posture and a suitable desk chair.

That is why a good sitting posture is important

Good posture is a must when working at a desk . Sitting for long periods puts a lot of strain on the muscles and spine. Many people unconsciously lean forward when working on a screen. This puts unnecessary strain on your back. The result is tension and back pain.

This attitude is typical when you have to concentrate on something in particular . It happens almost automatically, but it is not healthy. You should therefore regularly check and adjust your sitting posture. We’ll explain in a moment how the right desk chair can help. ergonomic office chairs are suitable for a healthy sitting posture .

The right desk chair helps

A good desk chair is not only comfortable, but supports the body exactly where it needs it. Ergonomic office chairs are the right choice for a healthy sitting posture. The chair is built in such a way that every part contributes to relieving strain on the muscles and spine. This allows you to focus better on your work without worrying about pain or tension.

Ergonomic office chairs can be adjusted exactly to the needs of your own body. The backrest and armrests can be adjusted to the body size. The seat can also be adjusted in height. This allows you to put your feet on the floor and position your legs and knees at a comfortable angle.

When buying a desk chair, make sure that it can support your own body weight . This information can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions. There are suitable models for every size and weight that support the body appropriately. High-quality chairs are made of resilient materials that promise a long service life even with daily use.

That’s a better way to sit

Sitting for a long time can lead to physical discomfort that can be avoided with simple tricks . The most important finding is that there is no one optimal sitting position. During the working day you should not remain in one position, but sit dynamically. When you sit dynamically, you try to pay more attention to your body.

You should check your sitting posture several times an hour and adjust and change it slightly. The settings of the desk chair also help. Even small changes can ensure that certain muscles get a break. Important areas are the shoulders and pelvis, which should be stretched and stretched regularly.

Get up from your desk and stretch your legs once an hour . The break not only helps concentration, but also supports blood circulation. A popular option is a height-adjustable desk that allows you to work while standing. This brings additional variety to everyday life.


Sitting for long periods of time and not moving enough are unhealthy for the body. In the office , however, this is often part of everyday life. The health consequences can be reduced by paying attention to your sitting posture. An ergonomic office chair relieves the body and makes it easier to maintain a healthy sitting posture.

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