Mens Short Haircuts 2020

Mens short haircuts,long above and short on the side, ball at zero or only shaved on the side. Lots of photos of trendy short cuts, how to comb them and who they look good on.

What shortcut for men is best suited for a long face? Which hairstyle is the easiest to style for curly hair? Beard yes or beard no? It is often difficult to find the haircut that goes to the shape of your face , there are many short haircuts that can meet each of these types.

All the short men’s haircuts trends for this year with many photos and tips to choose your ideal look according to your hair type and your features!

Men Short Hair Range Cut

Short Hair Range Cut

The side shade hair looks are these men’s haircuts that are short on the sides and long on the top, which adapt to all hair types, whether curly, wavy or straight.

This haircut is perfect for a 50s look. Just create a side part and give the hair a shape with a cream, smoothing gel or – to stay in the theme – with the famous “shine”. This look is suitable for people with fine and straight hair, a square face and all those who are nostalgic for Happy Days and Grease.

Short Cuts For Men With Curly Hair

Men With Curly Hair

The short cut on the side and the long cut on the top are also suitable for curly haircuts. In fact, let the hair naturally curl in the center and then cut the rest of the hair, more or less strongly depending on the desired effect. For example, you can shorten the sides a lot and drop long curls on the forehead to cover a possible high hairline. There are many types of short, curly male hair; if yours are frizzy or afro, use the proper detangling products to get healthy curls.

Short And Wavy Men’s Haircuts

wavy haircut

Is your hair wavy? Improve it! Keep the central hair longer and let it spontaneously soften to get a natural tousled effect. In spring and summer, the sun will accentuate the dynamism of your wavy hair with light blonde highlights. And there you have it, weaving effect guaranteed!

Man With Short Haircuts With Side Strip

Short Haircuts With Side Strip

What is the most elegant shortcut for men? Definitely the hair look with a stripe on the side. It is a timeless evergreen, which has always maintained its success, even surpassing the cotton plants of the 80s.

Men’s short hair with side bands can be worn in several ways. With a top knot combed back or stylized laterally with wax or gently stylized on the forehead. A piece of advice for this 2019 men’s cut Virat kohli. leave your longer hair on the side if you have drooping ears.

Blonde Mens Short Haircuts

Blonde Mens Short Haircuts.

Blonde Mens Short Haircuts

The short cut enhances the nuances of blonde hair, whether combed upside down or styled with gel in a particularly messy way. The locks of hair will become even more shiny under the sun in summer and will give more dynamism to the cut. An advantage of blond men? The arrival of white hair will not be so obvious because it blends in with the rest of naturally light hair.

Mens Short Haircuts With Beard

Mens Short Haircuts With Beard

Mens Short Haircuts With Beard.

The typical hipster hairstyle that has been in vogue in recent years and which in fact lends itself to different occasions. Short straight hair and a beard go well with elegant looks (combed hair upside down and manicured beard) or with more fashionable hairstyles with turned tufts and a long untreated beard.

A versatile hairstyle, suitable for young men but also for mature men who want a modern look. A long beard and short hair on the sides also give the optical effect of a long face, so it is a combination that is also suitable for those who want to wear a round face. Find out on the subject how to choose your beard according to the shape of your face 

Mens Cut Short Hair

Mens Cut Short Hair..

Mens Cut Short Hair

Shorten the hair laterally and comb the central part forward. Here’s how to ask the hairdresser you trust for a short haircut. It is a hairstyle which is suitable for smooth and wavy hair and which has sufficient length to test different hairstyles.

Mens Cut Short Hair Back

Mens Cut Short Hair Back.

It is one of the most popular male haircuts of 2019, also worn by many footballers. Tuft combed upside down and short hair on the sides slightly chipped. A look that does not require special care; just dry the tuft inside out with a brush and a hair dryer to get the desired effect even without gel. Who likes this haircut? Men with long faces and those with strong features, such as a big nose.

Man With Short Shaved Haircut

Man With Short Shaved Haircut

Cut your hair short with the machine, as required by the military. Definitely one of the most radical men in the short haircut who accepts a length of up to half an inch. A perfect look for people over 50 and 60 who want to hide white or grayish hair or a principle of balding hair.

When should you shave your hair? Hair grows quickly, so you will need to renew your haircut about every 3 weeks. You don’t need to go to the hairdresser, but you can adjust your hair at home with a razor clipper.

Men Cut Shaved On The Sides

Men Cut Shaved On The Sides

We’ve seen that men’s short hair on the sides dominates the male hairstyle scene, but you can get a lot of different looks depending on the amount of hair you shave sideways. For example, you can shave the skin leaving a long, combed tuft upside down in the middle or create one with a parting that stands out clearly from the middle of the hair.

Mens Short Haircuts With Patterns

Mens Short Haircuts With Patterns.

Hair can also be a way to express your personality. You are therefore free to use your imagination with short, nuanced men’s hair with zigzag patterns that start from the temple, curly tufts, bleached and bleached hair with a double crest. On very short hair, there is no limit to creativity!

We have shown you many mens short haircuts for men that fit different faces, styles and hair types. We hope our images have been a source of inspiration for your next hairstyle!

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