types of purses

Different Types Of women’s Handbags

Bags, wallets, types of purses,  these fashion items are essential for every woman. They come in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors, there are so many brands around the world making bags, it is incredibly difficult to types of purses choose just one as the best.

Although of course, one should not forget the aesthetic part when choosing a bag for certain occasions, events or celebrations. And as each occasion demands a type of bag, we have sizes, shapes and colors for all tastes. That is why we have to tell different types of  purses and bags for women. 


types of purses

Similar to the previous ones in terms of features, although these are usually larger, and have handles to carry them more comfortably with the hand. They are perfect accessories to use throughout the day, and in which to carry essential personal items.

Shoulder Bag

types of purses

It is possibly the most comfortable bag a woman can have. Small or medium in size, they have a long strip that crosses over one shoulder and across the chest, being next to the hip on the opposite side.


types of purses

The wallet is a type of small-sized bag, which can be presented with or without chain to hang it. It is a bag intended for parties and celebrations, which admits many varieties in terms of shapes and finishes. Generally, its shape is rectangular, although they can be of different thicknesses. Sometimes they can even be rounded, although they are less common. They are an elegant and sophisticated option, ideal for day or night events. You just have to take care that it matches your dress or suit for a certain occasion.

Hobo Bag

types of purses

Another one of those alternatives that stands out for its comfort, size and flexibility. It allows you to carry inside everything you need for the day, in a comfortable and natural way, without solid structures that could prevent you from storing some larger items.

Clutch Bag

types of purses

It is a type of Handbags intended for the most special occasions. It has no strap or handle, so it is always carried in the hand. It is also known as mini bag or jewel bag, as it tends to present glossy finishes. In addition, due to its tiny size, it can really look like a decoration element, hence it is called a jewel bag. The finishes can be very diverse, so it will be easy for you to find one that suits your dress perfectly. The clutch is a piece that will give you distinction in any celebration, although it is the star in the events that happen during the night.

Satchel Bag

types of purses

These types of bags, also known as messenger bags, get their inspiration from the wallets used by mail carriers in the middle of the last century. They have a strip that allows them to be hung, so that they remind even more of a type of portfolio with a very different use, although at present the design has evolved to adapt to fashion.

Backpack Bag

types of purses

They are a revelation that makes our lives more comfortable. A few years ago, they were relegated to travel or sports style but now, they are a must for our luck. Careful and sophisticated designs to taste, which makes this complement every time we like it more. You have them in all its modalities  leather, synthetic canvas backpacks, adjustable.

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