How To Avoid Mental Stress At Work

How To Avoid Mental Stress At Work

Mental Stress At Work: Deal with the rather unpleasant topic or postpone it for the time being and thus disregard legal regulations?

Mental stress at work: Do my employees suffer from it?

Loads cannot be measured with devices! You can identify them through surveys, observations, or interviews. From my point of view, a survey using questionnaires is the practice-oriented solution.

The job characteristics (stress) are recorded, but not the effects of the job characteristics (stresses).

It is important that all job characteristics come into play. It refers to:

  • The work organization / the work task
  • The working environment
  • communication / cooperation
  • leadership / managerial responsibility
  • qualification
  • work atmosphere
  • etc.

The survey is about finding out whether and to what extent the employees are satisfied with their working conditions in the company.

How do I determine psychological stress?

The survey should be conducted anonymously and all information must be treated confidentially.

The questionnaires are evaluated by third parties so that no conclusions can be drawn about the person.

In order to ensure acceptance, the questionnaire should be set up together with selected employees from all departments / functional areas.

In order to rule out being overwhelmed, filling out a questionnaire should not take longer than 20 minutes, and clear and understandable formulations in the form of statements or questions ensure that every question/statement can be evaluated by every employee.


The evaluations of the questionnaires show tendencies with positive and negative trends.

The results are to be discussed with the previously selected employees and possible solutions are to be formulated. The trends and solutions are presented to all employees.

The solution approaches are then to be discussed with the entrepreneur, the managing director and/or the manager. Decisions on implementation must then be made and communicated to all employees.


There is not a clever solution for everything! Here it is not about individual fates, but about the summary of burdens and their possible solutions.

The implementation of solutions is a signal effect! Every employee feels that he/she has contributed to the improvement with his/her statements.

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