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Put An End To Back Pain! 3-Minute Workout For The Office

Are you one of those people who sit a lot in your job? Then we have the right office workout for you to relax your upper body! Our trainers Anna-Lena and Nicole show you exercises in the video with which you can mobilize your back in just three minutes.

Many of us sit at our desks for hours every day – and therefore at some point feel pain in the neck, neck, or shoulder area.

Our trainers will show you exercises with which you can prevent this in a new video on our YouTube channel.

The three-minute office workout is very suitable for the lunch break, but can of course also be done at any time in between.

If you repeat the workout regularly, you can relieve back pain and also prevent new tension from developing.

Loosen The Neck Against The Pain

In order to get on the back of the office, the muscles have to be loosened and relaxed in between. 

Anna-Lena and Nicole pull their shoulders up while they breathe in. When you exhale, let your shoulders fall back down in a controlled manner. This is not only good for the muscles but also enables the brain to switch off from time to time.

Rotating your head gently from left to right or front to back can also be effective. It is important not to apply pressure under any circumstances because in the worst case this will only create more tension.

Movement In The Shoulders Against The Office Back

You can also get your shoulders moving with our workout so that you can start the rest of the working day again without pain. 

To do this, draw large circles in the air with your arms outstretched. First, you move your arms backward, later you can also change direction – and instead circle forward.

In addition, it makes sense to turn your wrists up and down with your arms outstretched to give your arms and shoulders a little variety from sitting at your desk.

A Round Back Relieves The Strain

Doing a “cat hump” helps to make stiffened bones and muscles supple again. Simply put your arms around your body, cross your fingers and lean forward.

The countermovement also relieves the back: cross your hands behind your back and push your shoulders backward. It is particularly pleasant if you move your head slightly downwards towards the sternum. 

The lateral muscles in the back shouldn’t be neglected either. To relax this region too, Anna-Lena and Nicole look back over their shoulders. One hand is positioned at the front of the knee, the other as a support behind the body.

Before the direction of view is changed, the trainers first stretch their hands upwards. They also direct their gaze to the ceiling. After this small intermediate step, it’s the turn of the other side.

All Exercises At a Glance

  • Pull your shoulders up and let them fall (15 sec.)
  • Move head left and right (10 sec.)
  • Move head forwards and backward (15 sec.)
  • Stretch the head twice by hand on each side (30 sec.)
  • Circle backward with arms stretched out to the side (15 sec.)
  • Rotate wrists with arms outstretched to the side (15 sec.)
  • Press the back with crossed hands alternately forwards and backward (30 sec.)
  • Rotate back to the right and left (30 sec.).

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