Strawberries Are So Healthy

Although they taste so wonderfully sweet, strawberries are one of the types of fruit that contain very little fructose and few calories (100g = 32 kcal!). They are also among the best when it comes to vitamin content: plenty of folic acid, vitamin C and potassium.

The underrated strawberry

Strawberry cake, strawberry ice cream, strawberries as sorbet: In the kitchen, the delicious strawberries are usually processed into all kinds of desserts. Our dietitian Ramona Dawid from the Bördeklinik explains why the strawberry is a healthy nut and has been used for health for thousands of years.

Many myths and legends surround the little red strawberry. The strawberry appears as a healing fruit in the collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. In “Grandmother Evergreen” the children look for the healing fruit for their sick mother. For thousands of years, strawberries have been used as a remedy for liver and gallbladder diseases, heart disease and even measles.

According to archaeological finds, strawberries were eaten as early as the Stone Age and can be considered one of the oldest sweets. Today we mostly eat garden strawberries. The large-fruited strawberry came to Europe from Canada in the 17th century.

Strawberries are nuts

From a botanical point of view, the strawberry is actually a nut! The actual fruits are the small yellow seeds on the surface of the strawberry.

Five healthy facts about the sweet fruit

Although they taste so wonderfully sweet, strawberries are one of the types of fruit that contain very little fructose and few calories (100g = 32 kcal!)

We’ll tell you why you should definitely buy more often in the strawberry season:


Strawberries contain more vitamin C than lemons or oranges! 55mg of the important vitamin are contained in 100g.


Strawberries contain phytochemicals from the group of polyphenols such as ellagic acid, which influence a large number of metabolic processes. “They protect against cardiovascular diseases, kill germs and have an anti-inflammatory effect,” explains Ramona Dawid. A study by Michigan State University also shows that ten strawberries are good for pain due to their ingredient methylsalicylic acid, like the acetylsalicylic acid contained in well-known painkillers.

Important source of folic acid

Due to their high folic acid content, strawberries are particularly recommended for pregnant women. 100g of strawberries contain 110 mg of folic acid.

A lack of this vitamin can also lead to gastrointestinal problems. Did you know that strawberry leaves are used to treat exactly these ailments? The tannin-rich leaves are often included in tea blends and are used for diarrhea, but also for chronic inflammation (e.g. rheumatism). But the leaves don’t have the sweet taste of strawberries. They taste rather bitter.

Supplier of magnesium and potassium

“The strawberry is a good supplier of magnesium and potassium and eating it has a positive effect on blood lipid levels. The risk of stroke is even reduced thanks to the intake of potassium,” explains the dietitian.

Healthy fiber carrier

In addition to 90% water, strawberries also contain a lot of healthy fiber. These promote good digestion and prevent constipation.

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