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Fit In Old Age With Nordic Walking

Sports are good for us. But not all sports are equally good for our knees. Because the large joints are sometimes exposed to more, sometimes less heavy loads. Anyone who suffers from knee problems should therefore be familiar with knee-friendly sports. Besides swimming, Nordic walking is one of the most arthrosis-friendly sports.

Surely everyone has seen them before: They are dressed in sporty clothes and run through the forest and meadows at a brisk pace. We are talking about active seniors who do Nordic walking to stay fit in old age. Fast walking and the use of special sticks are the distinguishing features of Nordic Walking. As an endurance sport, Nordic Walking is suitable for seniors as well as for people who want to do sports again after a long break.

Nordic walking not only keeps seniors healthy and energetic

Nordic Walking is the ideal sport to gently get your joints, especially your legs, going again. This effective full-body workout helps to maintain or increase mobility, especially with joint and muscle pain. It trains coordination and improves muscle strength and balance. It is also used to prevent falls, which is particularly important for older people. Brisk walking gets your circulation going and promotes blood flow throughout the body. It’s not about top athletic performance, but about going for a brisk half-hour walk every day.

How does Nordic walking work?

Nordic walking is almost brisk walking with ski poles. The technique is easy to learn because it follows the natural movement. Pushing off the ground with the ski poles intensively trains the chest, shoulder and arm muscles. At the same time, the ankles are relieved. “The most important thing is the correct running technique in diagonal gait. The right leg and the left arm swing forward together – and vice versa.

Stride length and pole position are also important: the stride should be longer than usual. The stick is a few inches behind the heel of the front foot. The front arm should be slightly bent and in front of the body. The front hand grips the stick tightly. The rear, relaxed hand is behind the pelvis, with the arm stretched out and the hand open – this relaxes the muscles again.

When using sticks, you use strength and body tension, because only then is the entire upper body trained. It is important that the rear arm is fully extended and the fingers are completely open. The stick cannot fall off because it is attached to the hand by a glove-like loop.

Nordic walking only with the right technique

A Nordic walking course is recommended so that no mistakes are made at the beginning. Because incorrect movement sequences often cause pain and can lead to consequential damage. For example, a straightening of the front knee or a hollow back can have a negative effect on muscles and joints. If the shoulders are pulled up too far, circulatory problems can occur.

With guidance, everyone will find the right rhythm and achieve an optimal training effect. Nordic walking is a real full body workout. Once the running technique has been internalized, it runs almost automatically and is a lot of fun, especially in a group.

Who is Nordic Walking suitable for?

Who rests, rusts. Movement is the best medicine and sport is basically suitable for everyone who wants to stay fit and improve their endurance. Nordic walking is an ideal sport for overweight people, as it protects the knee joints. Nordic walking is also an appropriate way of moving for older people, because the poles provide security when walking.

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