Manicure|Best Tips For A Perfect Manicure At Home

How many times have you looked at your hands and thought “I urgently need to go to my beauty salon manicure“? However, we do not always have the time and money to go to a professional and we end up doing it at home.

The result? Nails poorly painted, poorly dried and that last a sigh. We teach you all the tricks to get a professional manicure without leaving home.

A few poorly manicured nails or a poorly done manicure can give others a very bad first impression of ourselves. Have you ever hidden your hands in a job interview or an important date so they wouldn’t judge you? If so, you will understand the importance of a good manicure, but fortunately, having perfect nails is not synonymous with scratching our pockets more than necessary.

We give you the best tips to get a professional manicure set in your own home . Once you take the technique you will want to put into practice all the nail trends of the season!

Once you have removed the previous color with nail polish remover , put your nails in warm water for a few minutes. Thus the cuticles will soften and it will be easier to leave the static nails in perfect condition to receive their new color or nail art.

If you also have a permanent manicure, or have a permanent manicure at home , it is super important that you have a special kit on hand to remove this enamel, since it does not have the same composition as simple enamels. These nail polish removers are made of acetone and are more effective in removing gel or permanent enamels.

We suggest you get hold of the Mylee kit that includes a nail cleansing gel and a special acetone to remove permanent nail polish. You can find it on Amazon for $ 11.99.

Don’t File Your Nails Too Much

For some years now, traditional files have taken a back seat, and now the most popular ones are rectangular, with four different faces that achieve different results, and which combined make them the most effective tool.

Each of the faces of these files are numbered, to make their use easier, but what they do not explain to us is that we must be especially careful with the last one, the one labeled “buffer”.


This file serves to add a nice shine to the nail , but we should not abuse it (with a couple of strokes it will be enough), since if we use it in excess it can end up weakening the nail and making it much more brittle and brittle.

From Enfemenino we recommend the Royal Cosmetic four-phase nail polisher, instead of the traditional file, and you can find it on Amazon for  by clicking here.

Glass File? Yes Please

Say goodbye to the metal and cardboard files and go to the glass ones. They are much cleaner and more effective and once you try them, you will only wonder how you could have lived so long without them.

If you prefer conventional styling files instead of the four-phase heel nail polisher, it is much better to get a glass nail file. They are more beneficial for your nails, and do not damage them in any case.

Get yourself a good glass nail file by clicking here for $ 7.99 on Amazon.

File The Nail Always In One Direction

Are you looking for a perfect shape, very smooth nails and without risk of breakage? The key is to always line them in one direction and not put too much pressure on the movements. It takes a little longer, but the result is worth it.

Remember that to get a perfect manicure at home patience will be your best ally, choose a moment of calm and a few hours of the day where you can spend a good time on this task, then you will appreciate it.

Pay Attention To The Shape

Despite the fact that pointed nails are more fashionable than ever, if what you want is an off-road manicure that lasts, it may not be the best way for you.


The more square shapes are not only more comfortable to wear for day-to-day tasks, but they also favor that the enamel does not jump to any rubbing and they are more respectful with the nail.

Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Since nail growth is driven by the force of our cuticles , if they become damaged or infected, this problem can spread to the nails. Avoid cutting them and especially biting them , since this will only make things worse.

It is best to push them back with an orange stick or a plastic one with a silicone tip. Also, don’t forget to hydrate them with a specific product for cuticles.

You will notice the difference! You have to be very careful with this area because at any time we can get wounds and they become infected. Always do it very gently and with specific products for it.

To push the cuticles there are special kits with specific utensils for this, with which you can remove dead skin, push the cuticles and even remove the remains of permanent enamel. Discover here which is our favorite kit that you can find on Amazon for only $10.78

On the other hand, it is super important that you take care of your nails and your cuticles with a special serum or oil for it. This will allow you to have stronger, healthier nails and manicured cuticles.

Mylee’s Apricot Oil is special for repairing nails and cuticles and you can find it on Amazon

Beware Of Glitter

We all like to shine with our own light, but when it comes to nails, using (and especially removing) a nail polish with glitter at home is not the best idea . The shiny particles tend to adhere to the nail as if they were magnets, so to eliminate them we will surely end up scraping and peeling the nail.

Can’t resist carrying glitter on your hands? Before applying the glitter polish, apply a thin layer of stick glue to the nail. This will form a film between the nailpolish and your nail, making it easier to remove without damaging it.

Never Forget The Base And Top Coat

In addition to applying the layer, or two layers, of the chosen color, it is important that you do not forget the base or the top coat . The first product, in addition to protecting nails from color pigments and preventing them from turning yellow, can also be a specific treatment to strengthen nails or smooth the surface.

The top coat, meanwhile, makes the enamel last longer and the result is much brighter and more beautiful. A trick? Always apply very thin layers of all products. Otherwise it will be very easy for the manicure to be ruined in record time.

perfect nails

We recommend the Lagunamoon base kit and top coat, which has very good opinions from all the users who have tried it, and which offers you quality products with a duration of between 10 and 14 days. You can get them from Amazon for € 8.99 by clicking here .

It is important that you know that for your drying it is very important that you have a nailpolish drying lamp. With this, you make sure that in less than a minute your nails will be perfect and completely dry. Get a quality nail drying lamp for $ 19.99 on Amazon here.

Use The Nail Polish Remover With Caution

Although the temptation to change colors frequently is great, it is advisable to use a nail polish remover, at most, once a week . If you need a touch up on your manicure you can always fix it by adding a thin layer of color and another top coat.

A Little Vinegar

manicure set

Sometimes grandma’s little tricks are the most effective. Once you have finished your manicure and have your nails and cuticles perfectly hydrated , run over a cotton soaked in vinegar : this will remove excess oil and help the enamel last longer.

Don’t Share Your Manicure Tools With Anyone

Yes, we are used to borrowing clothes and shoes with our friends, but when it comes to manicures, it is better to avoid sharing our tools with anyone. The reason? These utensils can be a vehicle for many germs, and if we do not disinfect them well after using them, it is not recommended to share them with anyone.

manicure tools

If you are addicted to doing your manicure, we leave you with this article with which you will feel very identified.

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