Music In Advertising

Music In Advertising – 5 Examples

Advertising without music would be like a guitar without strings. Like a Bank without money. Like a hamburger without ketchup. Like a brush without watercolor. Like a calendar without dates.

Advertising without music would be like advertising that doesn’t reach the viewers.

Music and advertising are made for each other. They are an indivisible pack.

Music And Advertising, An Indivisible Pack

Music influences our mood. It transmits sensations to us by activating our neural centers of pleasure through sound waves that help us secrete dopamine. Depending on the type of music, the effects can be relaxing or stimulating. 

The effects of music are studied by advertisers , who implement the songs in their ads looking for a response from viewers.

Car spots often use uplifting songs . The same thing happens in shopping malls , where the aim is to activate the consumer to achieve a quick purchase and rotation of people.

Meanwhile, those relaxing songs convey security in advertisements for banks and insurance companies. Its use is also recommended in those places where it is intended that users spend more time, to have a greater possibility of impacting them with different products or services.

Music also contributes to memory. It has been shown that those advertisements with a correct use of music are remembered more easily and for a longer time by the consumer. In addition, music favors brand image and memory, contributing to branding .

5 Commercials With Soundtracks That We Will Never Forget

Samsung Galaxy

To promote the launch of Samsung’s new headphone model, Samsung Galaxy Buds +, the mobile company launched the spot that we show below with the song Soy yo, by Bomba Stereo.


Estrella Damm is one of the most successful brands when it comes to choosing the songs for its ads. In fact, many commercials are known as “the commercial of the summer” thanks to their soundtrack , positioning the firm as the star beer brand of the holiday months.

In one of its latest deliveries, Estrella Damm opted for the famous fashion singer Rigoberta Bandini. In addition to favoring the memory of the ad and the brand, Rigoberta has been a great choice thanks to her closeness to Estrella Damm’s target audience.

Merceds Benz

Mercedes Benz, an automotive brand with a long history of success in advertising, left no one indifferent with its ad Enjoying Electric with the all new EQC. The music for this spot, Blinding Lights, by the Weeknd, has 601 million views on YouTube alone. Is there any doubt about the success of this announcement?


Orange goes further. Instead of using a famous song for a spot, launch an entire campaign with the same soundtrack. Your Love rates are always announced with announcements that sound to the rhythm of All you need is love .

This example shows the importance of music when it comes to favoring the memory of a product, and even more so, in creating an emotional and recognizable branding universe.

In the next spot, we see how the song is expressly mentioned, appealing to its meaning and interacting with the company’s clients.

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