5 Tips For Properly Applying Your Mascara!

5 Tips For Properly Applying Your Mascara!


Do you want to obtain a captivating look and sublimated eyelashes? Discover our essential tips for expertly applying your mascara and achieving beautiful results.

1. Choose your mascara according to the expected effect

Before starting, determine what final effect you want to achieve : more volume, elongated eyelashes, a natural result, curled or false eyelash effect. Based on your criteria, select the mascara that meets your expectations. If you would like to discover a selection of organic products adapted to your specific needs, do not hesitate to consult our personalized boxes page .

2. Zigzag application

When applying mascara, maintain a steady hand and only take the brush out of the tube once . Avoid pumping on the brush, as this will introduce air and dry out your mascara over time.

Start at the base of the lashes, from below, and apply the mascara using zigzag movements. Go over the same area several times to thoroughly coat all the lashes. Don’t forget to apply mascara to the lower lashes to further open your eyes. If you are tired or have dark circles, you can avoid applying mascara to the lower lashes to achieve a lifting effect.

3. Apply your mascara according to the desired effect

For thicker lashes, apply mascara with the brush in a horizontal position and move back and forth. If you want a more natural effect, use the brush in a vertical position and perform the same gesture.

Once the mascara has dried, you can apply a second or even third coat, but don’t add more. You will obtain an elegant and clump-free result.

4. Remedy small installation problems

Let your eyelashes dry before making sudden eye movements to prevent the tips of the eyelashes from staining your skin. If you notice traces of mascara, use a cotton swab without makeup remover to remove them. Remember that mascara is always applied last , once eye makeup is finished.

5. Your little personal touch

For even prettier lashes, you can apply serums or oils using an old, cleaned and disinfected mascara brush. For example, castor oil is known to strengthen eyelashes and stimulate their growth.

Tip of the day: Rehydrate dry mascara

If your mascara is a little dry, run it under warm water for a few moments or add a few drops of contact lens product to the tube to thin the formula.

By following these simple tips, you can master the art of mascara application and achieve the desired result, whether it’s an intense look, a natural effect or voluminous lashes. Remember to choose a mascara that suits your preferences and experiment with different techniques to find the one that suits you best. With a little practice and the right products, you can create a doe-eyed look that will highlight your natural beauty.

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