Bye Bye, Dark Circles! This Is How You Should Apply The Concealer If You Want To Remove Them

Bye Bye, Dark Circles! This Is How You Should Apply The Concealer If You Want To Remove Them

Bye Bye, Dark Circles:  Whether you are a makeup guru or you put on makeup when you feel like it, there is an essential in our toiletry bag: the concealer . It is your perfect ally if you are looking to eliminate dark circles quickly and make your face look perfect . Have you slept regularly and your face speaks for itself? Did you go to bed too late last night and have an early meeting? Do not worry! Everything has a solution in this life. Above all, dark circles! Read on to find out how to get rid of them for good.

Why We Love Dark Circles Concealer So Much

The concealer of dark circles, that infallible tool that we can use in various ways and that “turns on” our face giving us a plus of natural beauty . The ideal of this Bye Bye, Dark Circles cosmetic is that it is able to bury those small defects deep down  without the need to apply layers and layers of makeup to the skin .

Compact , stick,  fluid , cream … there are several types of concealer and basically all cosmetic brands have this option among their products. Of course, the most important thing for the optimal result is a perfect application . It will not take much time, but a good technique is necessary so that the result is beautiful and natural on your skin.

 One of the most important characteristics that the concealer must have is that it has a  high hydration power . Your face will shine like never before! 

We usually comment on it in the posts that have to do with facial care: each skin is a world . For this reason, more and more, brands are expanding their color chart , Bye Bye, Dark Circles encompassing new shades in their products. The result? They can be applied to different skin types and everyone can find their ideal concealer .

These Are The Tips To Eliminate Your Dark Circles

1. The Color Of Your Skin Is King

It is clear that you must take into account the color of your skin when making a concealer and get the most out of it. If the dark circles tend towards brown , better choose an orange concealer . Is your dark circles approaching blue ? It is preferable that you choose a more pink tone .

Ah, don’t forget! The concealer must be lighter than the base tone that we use, but not excessively white: be careful not to look like a panda !

2. Keep The Concealer Intact For Hours And Hours

Again, less is more! If you want the concealer to last longer and adhere to your skin without cracking , apply the right amount with small taps and without dragging the product. This way you will achieve a very natural result and there will be no trace of your dark circles.

3. At What Point In The Make Up Routine Is It Applied?

Without a doubt, the best option is to apply the concealer after the makeup base that you use regularly. Why? It adds a lot of luminosity to your eyes and it will be easier to blur if you apply it at this time. There are also people who prefer to apply it before the foundation . It is another option, but be careful not to apply the foundation on top of your concealer, so you will get a finish that is as natural as possible .

And of course, your skin has to be prepared. So remember to use a moisturizer before starting your makeup routine . This step is a must !

4. Application Time! How You Should Do It To Eliminate Your Dark Circles

Once you have hydrated your face and the foundation applied, find a place with enough light to be able to see in the mirror the areas that are really darkened. Apply the product and press gently with your finger in the area of ​​the dark circles. The concealer that is left over, spread it with dabs over the rest of the contour to unify .

On the other hand, try to apply the correction only in the area of the contour of eyes . Doing it on other parts of the face can make the remedy worse than the disease throughout the day.

The Perfect Concealers To Eliminate Your Dark Circles

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