Professional Tricks For Makeup With Eyeliner

There are numerous ways to implement eyeliner makeup for your eyes. Not sure which one to choose? Or is your problem rather that you do not know where to start to get a perfect outline that frames your look?

Types Of Eyeliners

You have at your disposal a wide range of eyeliners of different textures that allow you to achieve different finishes, and you need to know which is the best makeup with eyeliner will work best for you:

Eyeliner Pencils

They are presented in pencil form. It allows to make a safe line and facilitates the blending of the product without staining. It is used both to outline the inside of the eye and to create smoky makeup.

It is the best option for those who are not ultra-expert in realizing the outlined or those seeking a more blurred result or with a smokey eye effect. Sharpen the tip well and makeup well between the roots of the lashes, then sweep the line with a brush and lengthen it to where you want.

Ensure that the tip is not too hard, as it will not slide properly and could damage the eye, but not too soft, as it will blur excessively and disappear quickly.

Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners tend to last longer, as they provide a film that remains attached to the makeup area for longer. In addition, they have a higher pigmentation, which gives them greater intensity and density. The two most common options would be the following:

Eyeliner Marker

It is an eyeliner that is shaped similar to that of a marker pen. The versatility of its tip allows you to make both fine and thick lines. It makes it easy for you to outline your eyes quickly and easily. Thanks to its liquid formula, it allows a very intense black finish.

It is the perfect option to make a personalized design since you can make both very, very fine lines and thicker ones.

Liquid Eyeliner With Applicator

This type of eyeliner has a high precision applicator that allows you to create defined lines of different thicknesses. You can also make up with the eyeliner brush, and you will get an even cleaner line.

Cream Eyeliners

The emollient and creamy texture of the gel eyeliners allows the eyeliner to last for hours. It comes in a small container and requires the use of an eyeliners brush. When applying it, do not submerge the brush in the container since you can achieve the effect you want with a small amount. You will be able to create ultra-light lines of great resistance and duration.

7 Different Types Of Outlines

The eyeliner can be applied to both the upper and lower eyelids of the eye. Now, the inner part of the lower eyelid is made up of pencil or cream eyeliner. It is not recommended to use liquid eyeliners, as they are not formulated to contact the eye‘s mucosa.

Feline Outline

The trend of the moment. It is about making a fine line flush with the eyelashes and lengthening it to the end of the eye, raising it diagonally upwards. Depending on the shape of your eyes, you can start the line in the middle of the eye or the tear, as well as the thickness of the line.

Egyptian Outline

An eyeliner that is used to lengthen the eyes. The key lies in the elongated wings at the ends. It is advisable to make the upper and lower outer line with a liquid or cream eyeliner so that the line is as precise as possible. The water line, we will make up with an eyeliner pencil.

Swept Outline

Apply the eyeliner from the tear to the end of the eye. It starts with a fine line and ends with a thicker line. Then blend it in the final part and blend it with the eyeshadow.

Double Outline

With this eyeliner, your eyes will look bigger, draw the upper line very close to the base of the eyelashes and another one at the bottom, but without meeting. The line begins at the tear duct.

Geometric Outline

It is about making very fine and precise lines with a liquid or cream eyeliners representing very graphic lines. The key is precision and pulse. Do you dare?

Smoky Outline

To carry out smoky eyeliner, we recommend using eyeliner pencils since their creamy texture allows a safe line and facilitates the blending of the product to perfection.

Delineated Covers Eyelid

It is about covering the entire eyelid with the eyeliner as if it were a shadow. The most recommended eyeliner for this type of eyeliner is the felt-tip eyeliner.

Makeup Application With Eyeliner

The correct application of the eyeliner achieves a perfect line. To do this, it is advisable to outline the upper lash line with a well-sharpened eyeliner.

This line is the one that should be taken as a reference when framing the eye with the eyeliner, regardless of whether its texture is gel or fluid.

From a professional point of view, it is advisable to place the brush as horizontal as possible, resting it on the root of the eyelashes. In this way, the brush glides more easily and provides a line with optimal definition.

Following this technique, it will only be a matter of thickening the line at the end of the eye to enhance the look and, in turn, create a more vivid effect.

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