Five Natural Acne Treatment

Acne pimples can quickly become a nightmare especially if they are frequent! You have acne and you want to get rid of it without attacking your skin? Try these natural remedies that will help you get the pimples off your face gently,  

You thought that acne was reserved for teenage girls, then one morning, you realise that you have a huge pimple on your nose? And what’s more, does this happen to you just a few days before a job interview or a date?

Mother Nature! Even if, in general, it is really well done, it sometimes does bad things to us. Rather than lament and decree that you will never set foot outside of your life again (which, between us, seems a little difficult to hold!), Take matters into your own hands.

Forget the creams stuffed with toxic products, and prefer the natural methods that have proven themselves over the generations. Small pimples, no more than large ones, are welcome on our skin. To effectively fight against acne, industrial products are not necessarily the most respectful of our epidermis.

Find out right away how to get rid of your unsightly pimple in a 100% natural way thanks to these grandmother remedies that have proven their effectiveness for a long time! 

Here Are Five Totally Natural Tips For Fighting These Remedies.

1. Tomato Or Lemon

The tomato is antioxidant but it is also a shock ally to fight against acne pimples which sometimes disfigure us – especially when placed on the nose or in the middle of the forehead. For this recipe, it’s very simple: cut a tomato (preferably organic) in slices and apply these on your face for twenty minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Your skin is healthy and clean! 

Small pimples, no more than large ones, are welcome on our skin. To effectively fight against acne treatment, industrial products are not necessarily the most respectful of our epidermis. Here are five natural remedies.

2. On The Side Of Vegetable Oils

Other effective and natural solutions are found on the side of vegetable oils and essential oils. To do this, mix with vegetable oil of jojoba, cumin or hazelnut, two drops of essential oil of tea-tree and apply on the buttons. The essential oils of noble laurel, lemongrass or lavender are also recommended. You can use them alternately.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

We often talk about apple cider vinegar in natural remedies or grandmother recipes. Normally, it is an ideal product that cleanses the area to be treated. With a small cotton ball or a compress soaked in this vinegar, place a few drops on the pimples or the area affected by acne. Leave to stand then rinse with lukewarm water.

The aim of the game is also to reduce or even completely eliminate the products (gels, masks, and creams of all kinds) from the industry which will decrease, strip, unclog your skin too violently until depriving it of the hydrophobic film protective.

4. A Treatment Based On Green Clay

Green clay powder, crushed or ready to use is one of the classics of soft and natural medicine and has its place in your pharmacopoeia. If you choose powdered superfine clay, mix it with water (with a wooden spoon and not stainless steel, it is important). When the consistency is sufficiently smooth and pasty, apply it to the pimples. Let sit until the clay is completely dry (the clay cracks and becomes lighter) then remove by rinsing with lukewarm water. The pores are clean and the button, dried, will disappear soon!

5. Monitor Your General Lifestyle

Pimples are highly dependent on our lifestyle and our diet. If it can be treated locally, it would be even more beneficial to eradicate some bad habits to banish acne permanently! Try a less fatty diet: less charioteer, less cheese, less chocolate (except the dark chocolate, high in cocoa). 

Cigarettes and alcohol are also not recommended if you want to end acne! For beautiful skin, don’t forget to remove your makeup carefully (jojoba oil does this job very well) or wash your face every night (with Aleppo soap for example). For the night, let your skin breathe by applying a simple hydro sol (rose, for example). 

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