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Best Makeup Looks Ideas | The 5 Tips You Need

Makeup looks, we understand that it seems strange to you that now we are going to talk about a natural effect on facial skin after having spoken about contouring, strobing, and chroming. But girls, the washed face effect returns with news, so today we are going to talk about how to create daytime makeup looks with different points of light. NYFW has made it clear to us that this season we will shine both inside and out

Day-By-Step Makeup Looks, Make It Easy!

The makeup looks that we are going to do today is to correct what we should improve on our face but without notice. That is to say, and it seems that we are going without makeup and that we have dawned that perfect. Do you want to know what step-by-step day makeup looks like?

Tip 1: Cleanse And Hydrate Your Skin

Before starting your day makeup, the skin must be super clean and hydrated so that the result looks flawless. A natural makeup looks needs to look almost invisible, so the phase of preparing the skin is more than necessary. Use your special cleansing gel, tonic, serum and cream, and you are ready to start your look!

Tip 2: We Unify The Tone Of The Face

Once the face has been cleaned and hydrated with the specific products for your skin type, we will use the foundation, Apply a small amount of product to the forehead, nose, and cheekbones and extend from the inside to the outside. As always, and more, in this case, matching the tone of the neck with that of the face, remember that it is a day’s makeup! We don’t want there to be a big difference between the face and the neck.

Tip 3: We Light And Treat Bags And Eyes

If, after applying the base, you still consider that the dark circles are not completely covered, use the Eraser concealer that provides, not only an extra illumination but also treats and reaffirms the bags and dark circles with its concentrated formula with Goji Berries and Haloxyl. No trace of dark circles or bags!

Tip 4: Colour And Light On The Cheeks

We always like to give a little dimension to the face to avoid it being flat and without lines. For this, we are only going to use two products. The first is a blush that we will use on the lower part of the cheekbone, from the top to the center, which is essential to give a touch of color to your daytime makeup looks! For the upper part of the cheekbones, we will use a little illuminator applied with our fingers. This detail of washed face makeup will highlight the features of your face.

Tip 5: We Open The Look

We already have our faces ready, and now we only have our eyes. For the mobile eyelid, we will use the lightest pink shade from The Blushed Nudes palette. As we want the result to be supernatural makeup looks, as if we were wearing nothing, we will apply it with a long hair shadow brush, so that we can blend it entirely, and it is not marked. To finish, a single layer of your favorite mascara will be enough to open your eyes subtly

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