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Hair Colors And Types Of Hair Colors In 2020

Why Hair Color:

Not so many people are satisfy with their natural hair colors so they are trying to change their looks by trying new things. While we are talking about hair colors, then there are four main hair colors Blonde, Brunette, red, and black. These colors can be changed to create different appearance.

Hair coloring or hair dyeing is the process of changing hair color, in practice it is used to cover white or gray hair. But in this new era peoples are using hair color ideas for fashion or style. In today’s generation many people are not satisfy with their natural hair color so they are trying new and unique hair colors to look cool or stylish.

Types Of Hair Colors

There are four types of hair color available in this whole world like permanent, semi-permanent, Demi-Permanent, and temporary color. People are using these colors as per their choices. You will get brief idea of these colors from below article.

Permanent Color:

Permanent hair color contains ammonia and mix of developer or oxidizing agent. Basically, ammonia uses a permanent color to open the cuticle layer. If people with dark hair want to achieve lighter shades, a higher developer may be necessary and when a person with lighter hair wants to achieve darker hair, such a high level is not needed.

Semi-Permanent Color:

Semi-permanent hair color contains hydrogen peroxide or ammonia with no developer or oxidizing, which causes less hair damage. This hair color uses lower molecular weight compounds found in temporary dyes. If you applied this color then no need to apply for seven to eight week.

Demi-Permanent Color:

Demi-permanent hair dye containing an alkaline agent other than ammonia. These hair color are more effective than semi-permanent but less than permanent colors. This color has some more advantage as compared to permanent color. This color is not removing natural hair color from scalp.

Temporary Hair Color:

Temporary hair coloring is available in many forms including rinses, shampoos, gels, and many more. As compare to permanent and semi-permanent hair color temporary hair color is brighter and more vibrant. There are lot of hair color companies doing million dollar business in current days.

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Here Are Some Examples Of Temporary Hair Colors

Caramel Balayage:

In today’s generation Balayage hair color is in trending and most used color. This color is known as sun kissed color due to its light and natural brunette color. This color suits to each and every head of hair and it looks different also as per haircut, natural texture of the hair and depends on base color. This hair color needs less maintenance as compare to other hair colors for having Balayage but still you have to protect your hair and color from damages.

Hair Highlights:

If you want to add some depth, dimension and trendy feel in your hair color then we will suggest you to go for highlights which are created with freehand technique, with no foil. Highlights are giving sun-kissed, natural look or soft transitions of color to your hair if you are pastel or bright neon hues. There are lot of ways to highlight your hair with different hair color. Before add highlights to your hair make sure that which effect you want to add in your hair.

Rainbow Hair Color:

If you are going to any party or any festival then there is no color to attract people except your rainbow hair color. Rainbow color is the coolest and sexiest hair color among all colors. You can try hidden Rainbow, Holographic Rainbow, Rainbow ombre braided hair, Short rainbow hair, long rainbow hair, medium length rainbow hair many more style.

Pale Ash Blond:

An ash color can create with shade of blonde with gray looks like Smokey blonde hair. This color suits to all skin tone and looks cool. This color will suit to cool tall girls. This color has muted pasted version of blonde which makes easier to maintain its color.

Red Hair Color:

Most girls have tried red hair color at least once or they have wish to do once. There are lots of red hair color options are available in market like reddish brown hair, burgundy, lighter shades of red, Copper hair color, Dark red hair and lots of option. You can apply this color with every types of hair. Basically these types of color suits to white skin girls. This color gives you trendy and classy looks to girls.

Brown Ale Hair:

You will get deep mahogany base and swirls of amber highlights from brown ale hair. Richness and depth of this color makes it different from other traditional brunettes. It’s warm without brassy and mousy undertones some people associate with traditional brunettes. This color lasts only six to eight weeks of implementations. If you loves to color your hair then it’s a best choice.

Chocolate Brown:

Chocolate brown is a hair color who has shades of chocolate candy. This hair color will suit to every skin color and every hair style. This color also divided into so many types. Simply one can apply this color as per their hair style. This color also has low maintenance as compare to others and it gives good smell of chocolates.

Beyond Blonde:

This color has separate fan base and it is not quite as icy as pure platinum this is the color of pale vanilla. If you want to get the right shade then ask for a color who is not too yellow and too ash, just you need a light, neutral beige who allows for variation.

You will get a lot of temporary or alternate hair color in market. You can use them as per your hair cut and as per your hair stylish recommendation.


Hair colors having different types of chemical and pigments which may cause adverse effects in your hair including temporary skin irritation and allergy and many more. Before using hair color we will suggest you to consult with hair specialist.

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