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Beauty Marketing The Myth Of Eternal Youth In Cosmetics And Perfumery

In this article we talk about beauty marketing in cosmetics and perfumery and the most groundbreaking strategies of the beauty brands of the moment.

The perfumery and cosmetics sector is one of the most advanced in terms of marketing. With great content strategies, which become an entire experience for the consumer , the brands in the sector are committed to innovative practices to attract the attention of their target .

Beauty Marketing: Cosmetics And Perfumery

As in each sector, the different markets have certain peculiarities that must be taken into account when developing the marketing plan for a brand. Hospitality, health, automotive or beauty do not work the same when it comes to advertising.

Beauty marketing is knowing how to apply those marketing strategies , learned in other places, but in this sector and its own characteristics .

The Myth Of Eternal Youth

While healthcare seeks patient trust as its main objective, living experiences is at the top of the goals that automotive brands seek to offer their consumers. Cosmetics and perfumery brands , like others related to the sector such as fashion, are based on a myth as the protagonist of any communication strategy. The eternal youth .

Especially aimed at a female audience , beauty brands base their success on the creation of a need: to be beautiful, perfect and young . Who hasn’t wanted to stay forever young?

Creation Of Needs And Unplanned Purchases By Beauty Marketing.

This constant publication of content by influencers is not reduced to simple videos and photos. Speeches with promises of guaranteed results, confessions of beauty secrets, story codes with express expiration … Everything is planned so that a single second on Instagram ends in a safe purchase.

In case any consumer escapes, the inclusion of direct links to the product page will finish captivating us.

Maybe you didn’t need a new moisturizer because you still have almost all of yours or a facial toner because you don’t usually use it. However, you will surely end up buying all these products.

Freshly Cosmetics, The Natural Cosmetics Brand With A Community Of Loyal Consumers

Feeling Of Community In Beauty Marketing

Humans are social beings . We need to relate, feel in community. The need to belong to a social group is more than well known by marketing experts.

In a market in which it is increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the saturation of advertising messages, differentiation is essential . Be unique, or seem so. Offer that something that no other brand offers. That something that unites all consumers under the same identity , reinforcing the feeling of belonging to a group.

Eco-Friendly, The Commitment Of Green Marketing

Currently, environmental awareness and animal welfare is a must, especially for beauty brands.

Consumers, increasingly informed in the digital age, are more aware of the critical climate situation and animal abuse. Finding a brand that offers them the product they need, or think they need, and is respectful of the ecosystem, will be love at first sight with a secure relationship.

Brands are aware of this and increasingly trust advertising agencies that propose Green Marketing strategies . Green Marketing or Green Marketing” is defined by the American Marketing Association as “the development and marketing of products designed to  minimize negative effects on the  physical environment, or to improve its quality”. The association speaks of this concept highlighting all the actions that brands carry out carrying out their activity in a responsible manner, worrying about its consequences.

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