Water Quality

Water Quality is Extremely Important For Our Health

You might think that the title of the article sounds like a cliché, because it is clear to everyone that we want to drink clean and high-quality water. However, water quality is a more complex topic and it is not only about distinguishing between drinking water, usable water and water that is not suitable for drinking, watering or other purposes. Water is not like water.

How To Determine Water Quality?

There are three basic ways to analyze water and assess its quality and composition. We recommend that you do such an analysis especially if you draw water from your own or municipal well or if you have any doubts about tap water.

The first way is to contact your water company, which by law must provide you with an analysis of the water quality at your address. The second is a self-test for people who draw water from a well. You can purchase litmus paper, which will serve as an indicative quality test. As part of the analysis, water pH, alkalinity, iron, hardness, chlorine or other substances can be determined. For approval purposes and more detailed results, professional evaluation tests are used in laboratories , which are more expensive than litmus papers, but also much more accurate.

A Carbon Filter Will Also Help

Facts are one thing, feelings are another. It is always a good idea to have your water tested through a home or laboratory test, especially when it comes to well water. But then there is also the sensory factor of taste or smell. In this case, reverse osmosis will help you , which turns the water into soft water and significantly softens its taste. When used correctly, it improves the taste and smell of water .

It Doesn’t Matter What We Drink

It really doesn’t matter what kind of water we drink on a daily basis. It is therefore worth considering to invest and purchase either the already mentioned filter or get a test designed to analyze the substances found in the water.

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