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Best Birthday Wishes For Friends & Family

There is not always much time and space to send long birthday wishes. For Twitter, Instagram, SMS, or Whatsapp, you need short birthday wishes. We have solved this problem and put together a nice collection of short birthday wishes for you.

Here you will find short sayings with emojis, birthday wishes as pictures, or funny birthday greetings. Send them via Whatsapp or old-fashioned SMS. Post them on boards or tweet them. The main thing is that the celebrant feels a friendly birthday greeting.

If you congratulate via WhatsApp, it doesn’t have to be a 10-page poem as a birthday greeting. Sometimes a short happy birthday is enough, and if you want a few more nice words, we have the right thing here. Congratulations with a few words on WhatsApp and still say everything important and above all, think of the birthday child. Short and sweet – click on the “share” button, and you’ll send your WhatsApp birthday greetings on the way!

Below we mentioned some of the best Birthday Wishes.

May your special day bring joy, happiness, and wonderful memories today. Happy Birthday! 

Happy Birthday to you. This day only comes once a year, so make the most of it. 

I wish you health, happiness, and success and all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday.

Don’t think that you are a year older today, but think of the many great memories you have collected. All the best! 

Here come the warmest congratulations and a big hug for you. Wishing you all the best! 

I wish you a great birthday and many, many more of them!

May your new year be adorned with numerous happy moments. All the best!

I wish you the biggest gifts, the tastiest cake, the nicest birthday wishes, and everything else you can dream of for your Birthday.

I wish you a great birthday and that all your dreams come true!

The warmest congratulations on your Birthday. All the best!

I wish you tons of fun, joy, and happiness on your special day. Happy Birthday!

Jay! Birthday, let’s have a party! All the best!

Finally, time for cake presents and lots of fun. I wish you all the best! 

I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful new year of life. Happy Birthday! 

I hope today starts a great year for you. Happy Birthday! 

The birds are chirping, and the sun is laughing, the world is singing, happy Birthday. 

I hope loving surprises fly toward you today. Make your Birthday a wonderful day. 

May everything be happy since you woke up today. For your Birthday alone, until the night. 

For today’s celebration of honor, I wish you the very best from the bottom of my heart.

I warmly congratulate you. Let the gifts are big and the well-wishers happy. happy Birthday

Good health and long life may always be given to you.

Happy Birthday and celebrate beautifully today. 

Enjoy the day to the fullest, and be sure I always think of you.

Happy Birthday! 

I wish you health, happiness, and well-being and that all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday! 

May your Birthday be blessed with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. All the best! 

So many stars in the sky,

so many grains of sand by the sea, 

so many fish in the water,

so many moments of happiness I wish you for the coming year.

Happy Birthday 

A birthday wish for you is on the way. 

It’s not for everyone, and it’s a privilege! 

A new adventurous year is waiting for you.

Full of excitement, happiness, and great experiences. Welcome

with a bubbly Birthday Party today.

I wish you a happy and marvelous birthday. 

I wish you health, happiness, and well-being and that all your wishes come true Happy Birthday! 

Health, happiness, and well-being should continue well into the next year of life. 

You’re not getting older, and you’re just getting better. With this in mind, happy Birthday, and celebrate beautifully. 

Happy Birthday. I hope this is the beginning of your most wonderful year. 

I wish you a day that is as special in every way as you are. 

Let yourself be squeezed, cuddled, and hugged. May all your goals, wishes, and dreams come true. You deserve it.

Set the world on fire with your dreams and use them to light your birthday candles. Happy Birthday! 

I hope you like your new age. It seems to love you because it suits you very well. 

A big kiss, a hug & the warmest congratulations on your Birthday. 

All the joy and the great moments you experienced in the past year may return to you today. Happy Birthday!

Wherever you go, whatever you do. May your new year of life only have good things in store for you.

I wish you a year full of joy, and that all your wishes come true. 

May your memories today be wonderful, your dreams come true, and this joy stays forever. have a wonderful day.

You should always get what you long for. 

Always find what you are looking for, and may all your wishes come true on your Birthday. 

Happy Birthday! 

I wish you the warmest congratulations, the greatest guests, and the most delicious birthday cake on your day of honor today!

Have a wonderfully happy birthday and many, many more episodes. Happy Birthday 

I hope that today’s Birthday brings you everything you want most. Happy Birthday! 

I not only wish you a great birthday but that you will have many more of them! I wish you a great day. May he bring you only the best of the best. 

The angels are singing, 

the sun is shining, 

today is your Birthday, 

how happy that makes me! 

Happy Birthday! I hope your special day brings you lots of fun, love, and happiness because you deserve a lot. All the best! 

You are a special person who always deserves only the best. May that be granted to you on your day of honor. All the best! 

Let’s light the candles ? and cut the cake today. We celebrate your Birthday, and I wish you all the best!

I wish you health, and your days should be happy. All worries will go away, and the sun will always shine. Happy Birthday! 

Best wishes for your Birthday, the most delicious cake, the biggest candles ??? and the most beautiful gifts. 

I wish you a happy birthday and an even better new year. Hopefully, all your wishes and dreams will come true.

Another year older, and this time you make it around. 

Be in a good mood, happy, and stay healthy

The new year should offer you only the best.

The most beautiful flowers of happiness.

Be cheerful, happy, and glad 

today on your special day.

I wish you: Always stay healthy, 

all year round, without pain and complaint. 

Here come late birthday wishes so that you can enjoy your Birthday longer. Happy Birthday! 

Tell me, what would you text someone if you forgot their Birthday? PS question for a friend. 

I’m sorry, but 20 million other people had their birthdays with you, so, unfortunately, your birthday greetings will come a little later. Happy Birthday belated!

Oh man, it was your Birthday again? I’m sorry, but you’ve had so many birthdays, it’s easy to forget one, right? Happy belated! 

Here’s a birthday cake flying in, so you still have something delicious to snack on today. Happy belated! 

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