Dismantling Myths About The Black Mask

Dismantling Myths About The Black Mask

Black Mask:The black, pilates or active carbon masks that have filled our Instagram accounts seem to have their days numbered in recent months. 

This famous mask, which an Asian cosmetic brand began to market, ensures that it removes impurities from the face, cleanses it thoroughly, removes excess oil and what you have heard most… it helps eliminate the famous blackheads!

The so-called “Black Mask” application includes different steps: wash your face thoroughly, apply the product with the fingertips covering the entire face or the selected parts of it (nose, chin, forehead) and wait between 20 and 30 minutes to remove it. Since the water does not dissolve it, the only option it gives us is to yank it off. In some cases, something is impossible due to the high level of adherence to the product.

It was advertised as a miracle to obtain perfect skin, but numerous videos, photographs, and viral comments show that it is a complete mistake to use them. Many users have described this mask as a glue that destroys everything you have on the skin’s surface, not only impurities, dirt and blackheads but also with facial hair.

If you still want to try it, the advice we can give you is to choose a brand that uses ingredients that are not aggressive with the skin, do a small test on an area of ​​your face and see how the skin reacts. If the reaction is positive, proceed to apply it only to the areas most prone to blackheads, such as the nose, forehead and chin. Would you please not wait so long to remove it since the mask’s drier is, the stronger the pull will be, and your skin will suffer?

Alternative Products To The Black Mask

There are more options to follow if you want to avoid blackheads and skin impurities on your face without damaging your skin. Here we show you the products that will help you get perfect skin, and this time, for real.

Cleaning And Care Of The Face

Daily Routine

Use a product that helps you remove makeup from your face and eliminate impurities, bacteria and environmental pollutants. Make sure it is a mild product that does not irritate the skin. You can opt for a gel texture with the makeup remover cream gel or more liquid with the makeup remover micellar water; both will help you remove resistant makeup and contain emollient and moisturizing active ingredients that are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin. Use a facial toner, the Facial Toner with aloe vera that stimulates the circulatory system, providing a soothing and anti-inflammatory decongestant action. Hydrates, repairs and regenerates the epidermis and has an astringent effect that tightens pores. The final step is to use a moisturizer or serum that suits your skin type.

Punctual Beauty Ritual

Our experts recommend performing a “beauty ritual” once a week, but you can do it every fortnight if you don’t have time. You need to make your shower a little longer! It is about doing your daily beauty routine and complementing it with a peeling such as the Regenerating Facial Peeling, an exfoliating cream rich in moisturizing and repairing active ingredients made up of a natural particle that favours the removal of dead cells. It contains shea butter, which gives the skin protective and repairing properties. Avocado oil provides antioxidant vitamins A and E, while sweet almond oil provides a protective layer to the skin. After exfoliating your face, your skin is ready to apply a mask that penetrates the skin perfectly.

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