Facial Yoga And Rejuvenation TipsFacial Yoga And Rejuvenation Tips

Facial Yoga And Rejuvenation Tips

They have always explained that exercising is essential to help us feel better, eliminate stress, raise self-esteem, accelerate metabolism, improve sexual life, and increase the quality of life. In the same way that we work our body by going for a run, going to the gym, doing directed classes… our face must also be given special care. Apart from the use of tonics, cleansing gels, moisturizers and masks, you have to know that you can exercise your face through facial gymnastics or facial yoga and that the benefits it brings are… amazing!

Facial yoga is a variation of traditional yoga consisting of a series of exercises on the face that help strengthen the muscles of the face.

As the years’ pass, the face ends up giving away how old we are, as well as the different moods. It is also one of the body parts where we accumulate more tension due to lack of sleep, poor diet or stress. Facial yoga helps relieve tension as well as reduce and prevent fine lines. Likewise, it also strengthens the face and neck muscles, thus avoiding the flaccidity of the dermis. Through this practice, you will activate circulation and thereby restore elasticity to the skin, in addition to toning it.

To take care of your face in the best way, you only need ten minutes of your time. You can do it when and where you want: before going to work, when you get up, when you go to sleep, in the same office, in the gym … Dare to try it!

Practice facial yoga!

We give you the keys to learn to perform facial gymnastics in the different areas of the face: forehead, lips, chin, cheeks and eyelids.


Close your mouth, place your tongue on the upper palate and flex your head, trying to touch your chin with your chest. Repeat this movement ten times. Above all, try to do this activity with your back straight and shoulders lowered. Otherwise, it will not be effective. You can also choose to put your head back as if looking at the ceiling and pretend to say, “ohh”, you will notice how your neck and chin muscles harden. Do it for six seconds, return to the starting position and repeat it about ten times.


To exercise your forehead, you can do it through different exercises. The first one consists of placing the fingers of both hands on the forehead, bringing the tips of the fingers together. Then press up to tense the muscles. Hold that tension for five to ten seconds and repeat it five times. The second is to put both hands’ index and middle fingers between the eyebrows and press down for about ten seconds. Repeat the exercise five times.


Take your index fingers and place them at the corner of your lips, stretching out as if you were going to smile but keeping your mouth closed. Hold in this position for ten seconds. Alternate this movement by putting your lips as if you were making a “u” but using force. Hold that position for five seconds.


Place the index finger of both hands on the eyebrows and the thumbs on the eye contour, creating the shape of glasses. Tighten the skin from above and below and notice the tension that is created in your eyes. Oh, and… remember to blink! We don’t want your eyes to water.

If you want to exercise the famous crow’s feet, place your fingers right next to the temple and gently stretch back. Open and close your mouth, noticing how the muscles of the temple are tightening. Do this for five seconds, and then relax your face. Repeat this about five times.

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