Unicorn Makeup For Your Eyes

Unicorn Makeup For Your Eyes

unicorn makeup, social networks are the pioneers in showing us new makeup products and techniques. The same bloggers and influencers teach the new trends and do so through videos, photographs, tutorials, swatches … where they tell their experience with the different products and show different looks to be made. Instagram has been the door to discovering trends that have swept away, such as contouring, strobing, smokey eyes, grooming … and many more. Social networks have taken over the beauty universe, being chosen as a source of inspiration for most people.

Among these trends, we find the unicorn makeup, which reminds us of the mythological creature that gives it its name and that takes us to the world of dreams and fantasy.

The basic colour palette to achieve a unicorn look is the rainbow, where purple, lilac, light blue, blue, pink, amber white, silver predominate. You can choose bright or matt, pastel or neon tones, more intense or less … and why not combine them. These colours give joy and colour to the face, providing a touch of tenderness and innocence.

Unicorn Outline Or Unicorn Eyeliner

It is about outlining your eyes simulating the horn of the unicorn. Not only is there a way to do it, but you can let your imagination fly and illuminate your gaze as you wish.

What Do You Need To Do For The Unicorn Outline?


The base of this makeup is eyeliner, so make sure you have more than one in your toiletry bag. To get the unicorn outline, you can choose one of the different ways to do it. The first one is to use an eyeliner tone to make the main outline –that you will lengthen more than normal- and you will use as a base for the final creation. Then it is about choosing another colour to create the horn effect, drawing a line above and below the base outline. The second is to intertwine at least two different shades of eyeliner to give the impression that they are twisted and form a horn. When you have more practice, you can intertwine more colours and perfect them. Another way to do it is to draw the horn and then fill it with shadows, something more difficult if you don’t have much practice with the brush or the applicator itself.

Perfect Eyeliner

Fluid eyeliner is ideal for creating sharp and perfectly defined lines with a shiny finish. You will find it in violet, bottle green, black, citrus green, pearl, gold, light blue, blue and shiny gold.

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Long-Lasting Eyeliner

Eyeliner emollient, creamy and easy to apply. It creates an ultra-light line with great resistance to rubbing and water and deep black, blue, brown and green.

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