Biological Oils In Facial Treatments

Skin Treatment | Biological Oils In Facial Treatments

Biologics are cosmetic preparations that are used especially for facial treatments. They are highly concentrated products that we can find in a watery, creamy or oily texture, allowing better and faster penetration into the skin. 

Biological oils in facial treatments can help in specific epidermal pathologies on the skin, such as deep hydration treatments, prevention of the appearance of wrinkles …

We can help ourselves with equipment to favour the penetration process of biologicals in the epidermis. The most commonly used techniques for this would be galvanic current, iontophoresis or indirect massage, oxygenating the skin, activating microcirculation and help neuromuscular relaxation.

Get To Know The Biologics. 

The use of biologicals in the beauty salon allows professionals to offer a more complete and effective service to their clients. So it will be essential to know the active principles of each biological and their different applications and uses. And in the case that they are ionizable, know for sure if it will be done through the positive pole, the negative pole or both.


Composed of royal jelly serum and Vitamin B and B5. It is used to nourish and provide emollients to dry and tired skin. Helping cell regeneration and activation. In this case, it is a non-ionizable biological agent, as it is an emulsion.

Bio-Collagen Plus

Rich in hydrolyzed marine collagen. It is used in treatments where clients need deep skin hydration. It helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, promotes the regeneration of connective tissue and retains water inside the cells. It can be used for a bridal flash treatment, as it leaves the skin smooth and relaxed. It is ionizable at the positive pole.

Bio-Protection Skin

With allantoin and vegetable extracts of ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley. A biological suitable for reactive skin helps protect the skin from damage caused by external aggressions such as sun, wind, or cold. Calms, hydrates, protects the skin and prevents skin aging. It is ionizable first through the positive pole and then through the negative pole.

Bio-Extract Rosehip

100% rosehip oil together with Vitamin C. It is not ionizable, as it is an oil. Skin regeneration is achieved with its continued use, damaged tissues are restructured, and the altered tissue is finally normalized. Widely used in anti-blemish treatments and in treatments to reduce scars. 


With active principles such as collagen, urea, amino acids and organic acids. It is an ultra-hydrating biological, which is similar to applying a collagen veil on the skin. Helps improve skin hydration. It ionizes through the negative pole.

Its container has a cap for better use and use of the biological. It allows to the application of the necessary amount of product in the cabin. In case of excess, the client can take it home to enhance the treatment.

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