Pregnancy Pillow

What Is The Purpose Of a Pregnancy Pillow?

Head and spine support

The Motherhood maternity pillow contributes to comfortable sleep or rest during the day. During pregnancy, the pillow will provide future mothers with support for a tired back, allowing them to place their head, back and hips in one plane. This will lighten your spine and relax you.

Head and abdomen support

The pregnancy pillow provides mothers with the necessary abdominal support during pregnancy. The unique shape of the pillow allows the head and abdomen to be supported. With the Motherhood pillow, you can easily find the ideal body position and at the same time reduce unnecessary tension in the neck and back.

Breastfeeding aid

The maternity pillow ensures comfortable breastfeeding not only when sitting, but also lying down. Used during breastfeeding, the pillow will provide maximum comfort during breastfeeding from the breast while sitting – providing the necessary support for the back and shoulders. You can also read comfortably in this position, if your baby allows it. 

After a cesarean section, mothers will appreciate the position of breastfeeding, for which the pregnancy pillow is directly created.

Therapeutic pillow

You will appreciate this pillow especially after childbirth, when painful places hurt a lot. This position provides relief to mothers who survived the delivery of the dam during childbirth or also to those who suffer from hemorrhoids.


Create your nest. The pregnancy pillow is an irreplaceable aid for mothers after a cesarean delivery. Provides comfortable support for the upper body. 

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