Sumatra Kratom.

Will Sumatra Kratom Help To Restore Your Energy?

The species Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) are home to countries like Malaysia and Indonesia in South-East Asia. Kratoms are trees that belong to the coffee family. They are proven to have medicinal and therapeutic properties.  Various strains of Kratom are in usage worldwide. They are mainly classified based on the color of the veins of the Kratom leaves and the region of their origin. The colors of Kratom leaves can vary between green, red or white. Each strain can have different benefits and side effects depending on the dosage and the quantum of intake.

Usage and significance of Kratom leaves

Kratom has a long list of medicinal benefits. People use it to reduce fatigue and physical exhaustion after a long workday. We also believe that the consumption of Kratom improves sexual performance and endurance among people. Kratom reduces pain and inflammation and is used to treat diabetics and diarrhea.

The natives usually chew the leaves of Kratom trees to ingest the herb. However, there are also other ways of consumption. You can consume Kratom in the form of capsules and powders. People native to South-East Asia also brew the herb into tea for consumption. It is also inhaled as vapors in some cases after drying the leaves.

Usage and significance of Kratom leaves

Sumatra Kratom

The Sumatra Kratom powder (white vein) derived its name from its region of origin – Sumatra. Sumatra is a large island in Indonesia where Kratom is widely harvested. Sumatra Kratom powder can possess various strains based on the color of the veins in the leaves. The white vein Sumatra Kratom powder comes from Kratom leaves growing at Sumatra and with white veins.

People in Malaysia and Indonesia consume Kratom

People in Malaysia and Indonesia consume Kratom by chewing leaves varying in quantities. While some chew a single leaf at a time, others chew 3-4 leaves or more throughout the day. Traditionally, people consumed the leaves to increase strength and tolerance toward the laborious physical work that the natives performed.

However, the usage of Kratom has expanded over time for various other purposes. Any narcotic substance would lead to adverse changes in the body when withdrawn instantly. Kratom is medically proven to help people in such situations. Kratom is now widely used as a psychoactive narcotic substance in western countries.

The wide usage of the drug has led to its scrutinization. The medical community views its widespread use and easy accessibility as a threat to public health. Kratom leaves naturally contain two main psychoactive components: alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These naturally occurring chemicals provide Kratom with its psychoactive properties. But, during the processing stage, various other chemical compounds are added. These chemicals are added at varied proportions to create the desired effects.

These artificially introduced chemicals may alter the natural properties of the leaves. They could create different pharmacological responses among people who consume them. There is limited data available and an inadequate amount of research conducted on humans. Therefore, the effects of Kratom consumption on humans are still not evident.

Can Sumatra Kratom (white vein) increase your energy?

As discussed above, the effects of Sumatra Kratom on people are dosage-dependent and can have varied outcomes. A minuscule amount of Sumatra Kratom consumed can lift moods and boost energy within a short period. However, effects can vary with the dosage taken. Sumatra Kratom is slowly replacing coffee as a refresher in some countries. The intake of Sumatra Kratom stimulates the mind and makes one mentally active. It can help people to focus better and concentrate for long periods. However, the effects can vary with the amount of dosage ingested by an individual. When taken in huge quantities, it can lead to anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and addiction.

Sumatra Kratom also rejuvenates the body and acts as an energy booster to carry out the tasks of an ordinary day. It is possible because Kratom improves the metabolic activities of the body. It leads to an improved and oxygenated blood supply. People consume Sumatra Kratom for its anti-depressing qualities among some users. It also contains chemopreventive compounds. They are compounds that prevent the risk of cancer.


Proposed US ban of Kratom

In 2016, the United States (US) proposed to ban the usage of Kratom at the Federal level. It sought to make the sale and consumption of Kratom illegal in the US. The US Government created the purported move to prevent massive addiction to the substance. They believe that the use of Kratom could turn out to be a threat to the social and physical health of its people when it is easily accessible and available in the open market.

However, the common public met the UG Government’s proposal to ban Kratom in the US with hostility. The backslash prevailed for some days and ultimately led to the closing of the discussion. Many physicians and scientists pointed out that the herb possessed psychoactive properties which helped people with withdrawal symptoms. They argued that with the sudden imposition of a ban on its consumption, Kratom could lead to many deaths by suicide.

The US faced this resistance with a recommendation to the World Health Organization (WHO) to ban Kratom sales internationally. However, this is yet to be approved by the WHO. With the established benefits of using Kratom, it could be challenging to convince users of the substance to be wary of them. It could have the effect of spiraling illegal consumption.


Humans have relied on herbs with medicinal properties to reduce stress and treat chronic pain for a long time now. However, when you consume these substances and herbs in plenty, they turn harmful and addictive to our bodies. A well-intended, harmless prescription for overcoming pain turns a gateway to lifelong addiction.

Humans have relied on herbs with medicinal properties to reduce stress and treat chronic pain for a long time now. However, when you consume these substances and herbs in plenty, they turn harmful and addictive to our bodies. A well-intended, harmless prescription for overcoming pain turns a gateway to lifelong addiction.

The international community has primarily benefited from the consumption of Kratom for nerve pain. However, it is essential to regulate the quantum and the frequency of consumption of these herbs.

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